What Is A Hedge Bet?

Hedge Bet

There are many instruments sports bettors use to give themselves an edge over the sportsbook. They track odds and spreads. They develop betting systems to increase their payouts and winning percentages.

Sports bettors will do anything to get money out of the sportsbook. However, sometimes the smart play isn’t to increase your wagers; it’s to limit your exposure with smart hedge bets.

What Is A Hedge Bet?

Basically, a hedge bet is any wager placed to limit the amount you may lose on another wager or wagers you’ve already placed. This is limiting your exposure, and the bet may be placed at the same time as the original wager, well after the other bet, or even during the game.

A good hedge bet is the mark of a true sharp sports bettor, as they are always trying to win money, even if that means limiting the amount of money they are sure to lose. However, a good hedge is more than just betting the opposite side of a wager you’ve already made. There are a few variables to track.

When Should You Hedge A Bet?

There are many reasons why sports gamblers use hedge bets. If there is a sudden and significant change in odds due to an injury or weather forecast. Maybe you’ve just had a change of heart and are now unsure of the outcome.

Whatever the reason, if you ever feel as if the money you’ve wagered is exposed, it’s time to hedge that bet. More often than not, hedge bets come after a game has started.

Obviously, once the game has started, you’ll have a much better idea of how the game will, in fact, end and if you will win or lose.

In-Game Hedging

When a game gets to a point where you feel you are definitely going to lose, it is time to hedge, and, as mentioned, hedge bets can be placed at any time after a wager is placed.

Not too long ago, the only way to hedge a bet during a game was via halftime or quarter wagers. Didn’t like the first half? Hedge your bet by placing a wager on the second half.

This option is still available in most sportsbooks, but there is definitely a better way.

Modern Times Hedge

Thanks to modern technology and the beloved internet, online sports bettors have access to realtime “In-Game” betting, where the odds, lines and spreads are updated at every moment of the game. Even in the final minutes.

Obviously, this is great for placing a money-saving hedge.

Check Your Wager Closely

When you are placing your hedge bet, it is very important to pay extra attention to the original wager. The points, the odds, and the line are key, because many players make the mistake of simply betting on the other team, unaware of the points, odds, or line and leaving them exposed to lose both wagers.

This is not a good hedge. Remember, a good hedge will limit or eliminate your losses with another wager on the same game. You want to place a hedge to ensure you will not lose with both bets, no matter the outcome of the game.