Wasim Khan, PCB CEO Steps Down as the Cricket Committee Head

Wasim Khan cricket

Ehsan Mani, the chairman of the Pakistan Cricket Board announced on Sunday that Wasim Khan, the chief executive of the board has dropped out of his position as the Cricket Committee head.

The chairman of PCB said that Wasim had taken on the role of the chairman of the cricket committee when Mohsin Hasan has dropped out as he is interested in some other position within the Pakistan Cricket Board.

Mani stated that Washin is PCB’s full-time employee and thus, he has influenced the committee to a great extent. As per PCB, Wasim and Manu had decided it is going to be the best decision for Wasim to drop out of his position as the head. Even though, he will be a part of the committee, a chairman of the committee is to be appointed.

He also said that he wants it to be an independent committee that contains former cricketers that includes the ones who have played on an international level who will be able to provide clear advice for doing critical analysis. They will be the ones who will have complete access to every level of cricket, international as well as domestic.

The chairman of PCB said that they can speak to the coach, captain, and challenge the senior officials, including Wasim and discuss the pitches, wickets, and the ground. According to him, he is accountable. Thus, it is not right for him to drive the committee.

PCB Contract of Mudassar Nazar to End Next Year

In the meantime, Mudassar Nazar, the director of academies has confirmed that he is not seeking an extension to the contract when it will come to an end on 31st May next year. According to the Pakistan Cricket Board statement, Nazar had joined the Director of the board on 1st June 2017 on a contract of 3 years that was extended to one more year.

Nazar said that it has been a satisfying and exciting time with the Director-Academies of PCB. When he joined from Dubai’s ICC Academy in 2016 June, he had known that it is going to be a 3 year period but he then extended it to a period of another year when he was convinced and requested by his colleagues.

However, now, it is time to make a return to the UK and spend some time with food time with his family and scout various opportunities. He is going to reflect on his time at the National Cricket Academy as he has been successful in identifying and producing quality cricketers. Some of these cricketers have already played for Pakistan, while the others are on the verge of making their appearance for international cricket.

Nazar’s services have been appreciated by Mani. He said the Mudassar has contributed significantly to the cricket of Pakistan and he had a 3-year contract. When his contract came to an on Many, Mani had only been a part of the Pakistan Cricket Board for 6 months, while Wasim had been a part for just 2 months. He thought that it would have been better if he only served for one more year.

The chairman of PCB said that even though it had not been decided if the new candidate is going to be from abroad or Pakistan, he personally would like to appoint a Pakistani. Nevertheless, it has to be acknowledged that the programs of the academy in other countries in the world are much ahead of them. They look forward to getting their expertise. They are going to appoint them as consultants. This way they will be able to run the program in the best possible manner.

Plans for the Future

Mani disregarded everyone’s impression that he had some disagreement with the management. He said that he has said from the very first day that he wanted to have a professional board. Since they will be able to benefit from cricket if there is a professional board for running the affairs. This view made people decide that they should move forward and make some contributions.

The future plan of PCB is to have a program for spreading throughout the country vs. only being focused in Lahore.