The Cozy Companion: Our 32 Degrees Women’s 3/4 Ultra-Light Down Jacket Review

As we slip on the 32 Degrees Women’s 3/4 Ultra-Light Down Jacket, we can’t help but be engulfed in a sense of warmth and style. With its slim fit and detachable hood, this jacket effortlessly combines fashion ​and function. The water-repellant feature adds an extra layer of protection, making it the perfect companion for those ​unexpected drizzles. From the moment we first laid our eyes on this jacket,⁤ we were instantly drawn to its ⁤sleek design and⁤ impeccable packaging. ⁣With dimensions that ensure easy storage and⁤ an ‍item model number⁢ that signifies its quality, it is ​clear that‌ 32 Degrees has left no stone unturned⁤ in creating this ‌masterpiece. ‌Join us as we delve into our first-hand experience, discovering the true potential ⁢and comfort that this remarkable jacket has to offer.

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Step ‌up⁢ your winter ⁤wardrobe with the 32 Degrees Women’s 3/4 Ultra-Light Down Jacket. This slim fit jacket is not only stylish but also incredibly functional, making it a must-have⁢ for those chilly days. With⁤ its detachable hood and water-repellant feature, this jacket⁢ offers versatility‌ and protection⁣ from the elements.

The 32 ⁣Degrees Women’s 3/4 Ultra-Light Down Jacket is designed with your comfort in mind.⁣ Its⁣ ultra-lightweight construction ensures that⁣ you won’t feel​ weighed down, allowing you to move freely throughout the day. ⁣Whether you’re out for a morning jog or running errands, this ⁣jacket provides the perfect balance ⁤of warmth and flexibility.

Not only does this jacket keep you cozy, but‌ it also exudes style. ⁣Its slim⁢ fit design ⁣flatters your figure, accentuating your⁣ curves. The detachable hood adds a touch⁣ of versatility, ⁣allowing you to customize your look based on the weather or your⁤ mood. ‌Additionally,‌ the water-repellant feature keeps you dry and protected when unexpected showers come your way.

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Highlights ⁣of the 32 Degrees Women’s 3/4 Ultra-Light Down⁣ Jacket

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One of the standout features of ​the 32 Degrees Women’s 3/4 Ultra-Light Down Jacket is its slim fit design. The jacket is tailored to ‌accentuate the feminine silhouette, providing a flattering and stylish look.​ Whether you’re heading to the office or going out for a casual evening, this jacket will add a touch of sophistication to your outfit.

Another highlight of‌ this jacket is ⁢its detachable hood. This feature gives you the ​flexibility to customize your look⁢ based on the weather and your personal preference. On ‍chilly days, you can keep the hood attached for added ‍warmth and protection from the elements. But⁢ on milder days, you can easily remove the hood to⁢ achieve a more streamlined and sleek appearance.

We love that this jacket is water ⁢repellent, making‌ it ideal for unpredictable weather conditions.‍ The water⁣ repellent coating on the outer shell helps⁤ to keep you dry and comfortable, even in light rain or snow. No need‌ to worry about getting caught in a sudden downpour or being damp and uncomfortable throughout the ​day.

If you’re ⁤looking ‌for ‍a stylish and ⁢practical jacket, the 32 Degrees Women’s 3/4 Ultra-Light Down Jacket is definitely worth considering. Its slim⁢ fit design, detachable hood, and water repellent feature make ‌it a versatile and reliable⁤ choice for any occasion. Check it out on Amazon and elevate your outerwear game!

Detailed Insights and Recommendations for the 32 Degrees Women’s 3/4⁣ Ultra-Light Down Jacket

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When it comes ⁣to the ⁢32 Degrees Women’s 3/4 Ultra-Light Down ‌Jacket, ‍we have taken⁢ a deep dive into its features and functionality to provide you with⁤ detailed ⁢insights and recommendations. ‍This jacket is designed to keep you cozy and stylish while braving​ the ⁣elements.

The slim fit of this jacket is both flattering and functional. ​It hugs‍ your body in all the right places without ⁤feeling restrictive, allowing for easy movement. Plus, the ⁤detachable hood adds an ⁣extra layer of versatility, allowing you ⁢to adapt to changing weather conditions. Whether you prefer a sleek, hoodless look or the‌ added protection of a hood, this jacket has got you⁤ covered.

What sets this down‍ jacket apart is its water-repellant feature.​ You can confidently⁤ take on a ‍drizzle or a light shower without worrying ‍about getting ‌soaked. The water beads ⁢up and rolls ⁤right off, keeping you dry ⁤and comfortable. It’s a small but significant detail that makes all the difference when you’re out and about.

To check out this amazing jacket and⁤ experience its ⁣benefits ​for yourself, head over to⁣ and‌ grab yours today. Don’t ​let the cold weather dampen your style – stay warm, dry, and ‍chic with the 32 Degrees Women’s 3/4⁢ Ultra-Light Down Jacket.

Customer Reviews Analysis

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Customer ⁤Reviews Analysis

After analyzing the customer reviews for the 32⁣ Degrees Women’s 3/4‌ Ultra-Light‌ Down Jacket, we found that‍ the majority ⁢of customers had positive experiences with ⁤the product. The jacket received praise ‍for its fit, comfort,‌ warmth, and affordable price. However, some customers ⁢did express concerns about feathers⁤ shedding from the jacket.

Positive Reviews

Review Rating
Fits⁤ perfectly. I ⁣am 5’ ‌3”, 125 pounds, and⁢ the size‍ medium is just right with room for a heavy‍ sweater if necessary. It doesn’t look or feel bulky, but is still nice and warm. I was pleasantly surprised at ‍this high quantity coat for ⁤a very affordable⁣ price. ★★★★★
Let be this jacket.​ I bought it after ​seeing it​ on 3 ladies at⁣ my church. It’s very comfortable, colors are very nice, and warm although not bulky ⁢at all. I‌ love it. ★★★★★
I love this ⁤coat! It is⁢ thin,‍ not‌ bulky but still provides great warmth on cold days. I’m 5’7″, 200ish pounds and ⁢got an ​XL ⁤for a‌ looser ⁢fit. A large probably ⁢would have worked but I like the looser feel for when I wear bulky sweaters‍ underneath. A very pretty green color⁤ too! Length hits a little above mid thigh. ★★★★★
So⁢ glad I got this coat. Ordered 3 a few days before heading to‍ NYC last week, from⁢ Florida. This as medium‌ looked nice and reasonably fitted,. even ⁢with multiple layers under ‍it. Not a blimpy look. Two other brands ​that were medium may have fit alone, ⁤but heading to 20s-30s from FL I needed to be able to add​ multiple layers. This even allowed adding my 32 degree vest underneath on ‌a particularly ​cold walk.‌ Worn over shirt and sweater on return at 40s in FL it worked ‍well too and didn’t feel overly big. The medium‍ was perfect size ‍for⁢ what I⁣ needed. I am 5’2″‍ and ⁢125 lbs. When I took it out ⁢of box‌ I was leary ‍because so⁣ thin and light. But other ⁣reviews said ​ok with layers at 20-30 and they were right. If used to cold may⁣ need fewer layers. I was even shedding them at ​times. Was never uncomfortable. ‌Could roll it up in it’s carry bag​ and stick in a back pack​ or large purse ‌in museums/theaters. ⁢On me it came about 3 ” ⁤above knees so helped ⁣keep legs warm. No problem sitting​ at that length. I‌ got the Copen‌ blue ⁤which is a nice ‍light navy. The‍ removable hood is also a nice feature, along with the zip pockets. No list ⁣gloves. The only down side ( no pun intended)⁤ is the feathers. They were coming out inside ⁤and getting on my wool⁢ pants and ⁢sweater,⁣ and coming ‌out a‍ lot on outside‍ as ‍well. On a site with ⁣a similar coat,⁤ similar problem, they suggested pinching fearher on inside and pulling back into coat‍ rather than pulling them out. Easier said ‍than⁤ done. As long as enough stay in to wear a few winters I will be happy. Overall great​ coat, especially for the price. Thicker fabric to contain​ the feathers better would‍ make it a 5. But then may ​cost ⁤more. ★★★★
So lightweight, so thin, form fitting and WARM! ​Love it, I can’t stand ​bulky⁢ coats, this is not. ★★★★★

Negative Reviews

While the ​majority of reviews were positive, some customers did have concerns about feathers‌ shedding from the jacket. It is important to note ‌that⁤ shedding ​feathers ‌are a common issue ‍with down-filled products ⁢and ‌may⁤ be attributed to its excellent insulation properties.⁣ However, this concern may be valid ‍for those wearing black clothing.

Review Rating
Purchased this jacket​ for New ⁤York City in December! I am happy with the‍ length (hits‌ below the knee), but ‌I​ am disappointed with how many small feathers come out of the jacket. Depending on the color of the item you were wearing, you may not​ notice it, ⁢but when you are wearing black, you will definitely see small white feathers⁣ all over you.⁢ I loved that it kept me quite warm in New York, and it was ⁣light ​enough to carry around when ⁢it got⁣ a bit warmer. ‌If you’re in a pinch and want⁣ to buy⁤ something‌ affordable, I would recommend. ★★★★
I looked at dozens of lightweight down coats before purchasing. What drew me to‌ this one ​were the positive reviews,‌ even though many complain about feathers. I have⁤ had many products filled ​with down…pillows, comforters, mattresses, etc. and they all‌ shed​ feathers occasionally. It’s‍ the price you pay for having something‌ super warm and⁤ cozy. Be careful here as there are two black coat choices. The cheaper​ one is nylon/polyfill not down. ⁣I am thankful​ every day I chose ⁢this coat. The shell is soft and the coat overall is super lightweight. I have worn it ​recently in single digits‍ and with a lot of cold⁣ wind and it was amazingly warm. For‌ me it fit tts and I ‍got it ⁣in an XXL. ★★★★★


In summary, the 32 Degrees Women’s 3/4 Ultra-Light Down Jacket received positive reviews for⁤ its fit, comfort, and warmth. Customers were particularly impressed ​with its affordability and lightweight design. However, some customers did experience issues ‍with⁢ feathers shedding from the⁣ jacket. Despite‍ this concern, the majority of ‍customers found the jacket to be a great purchase, especially⁤ for its​ price.

Pros & Cons

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  1. The ultra-lightweight design​ of the 32 Degrees Women’s 3/4 Ultra-Light⁤ Down Jacket makes it incredibly comfortable to wear, without feeling bulky ​or‍ restricting movement.
  2. The slim fit of this⁤ jacket gives it a flattering ⁣silhouette, ⁢enhancing​ the⁤ wearer’s shape and adding a touch of style to any ⁣outfit.
  3. The detachable hood is a versatile ⁣feature that allows you to customize your look and adapt⁤ to changing weather conditions.
  4. This jacket is⁣ water repellent, providing protection against light rain or snow showers, ensuring you stay dry and comfortable.
  5. The high-quality ‍down fill of the jacket ensures excellent insulation, keeping you warm and ⁤cozy even in colder temperatures.
  6. The jacket’s‍ package dimensions of 14.72 x 11.18 ​x‍ 4.8 inches make it easy to store⁣ and‍ carry, ⁤making it ​a convenient companion for‌ outdoor activities or ⁢travel.


  1. The slim fit design may not be‌ suitable for individuals who‍ prefer a looser or⁤ more‌ relaxed fit.
  2. While the water-repellent feature provides some protection, this jacket is⁤ not completely waterproof, so it may not ​be suitable for‍ heavy‍ rain or prolonged exposure to​ wet ‍conditions.
  3. The small ​size ​of the jacket’s package may limit the​ amount of additional⁢ items or layers you can‌ carry with you while wearing the ​jacket.
  4. It is important to carefully follow the manufacturer’s instructions for care and maintenance to ensure⁤ the⁢ longevity of the jacket’s performance and ‍appearance.
  5. The item model number #L3108 may not be as‍ memorable or easy‍ to remember‌ as a more catchy or intuitive model name.


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Q: ⁢What are the key features of the 32 Degrees Women’s 3/4 Ultra-Light Down Jacket?

A: The 32⁢ Degrees Women’s 3/4 Ultra-Light Down Jacket boasts several key ‌features that make it a cozy and practical companion for chilly weather. ‍Firstly, its slim fit design​ ensures a stylish and flattering silhouette. The detachable hood​ adds versatility and allows you ⁢to adapt to different⁣ weather ⁣conditions effortlessly. Additionally, the jacket is water-repellant, providing protection against unexpected drizzles or light showers. The product dimensions are‌ 14.72 x ⁢11.18 x‌ 4.8 inches, and it ⁣weighs approximately 1 pound. ⁢Its item model ⁢number‍ is #L3108, and ‌it falls under the women’s department. This jacket became available on October 12, 2023, and is manufactured by 32° DEGREES, with the ASIN B0CKY1YD9Y.

Q: Is the 32 Degrees Women’s 3/4 Ultra-Light Down Jacket suitable for colder climates?

A: While the 32 Degrees Women’s 3/4 Ultra-Light Down Jacket is designed to provide warmth,‍ it is best suited for milder climates ⁣or ‌transitional seasons. It is an ultra-lightweight jacket, which means it is not intended for extreme ​cold ⁣temperatures. However, ⁤it can⁣ definitely⁤ keep you cozy during chilly evenings or brisk mornings.

Q: ⁤How⁢ does the ⁣slim ​fit design of ⁤the 32 Degrees Women’s ⁣3/4 Ultra-Light Down Jacket ⁣look and feel?

A: The slim ​fit design of​ the 32 Degrees Women’s 3/4 Ultra-Light ​Down Jacket adds a chic and ‌modern touch to your outfit. It accentuates your⁢ feminine curves without ‌feeling restrictive. The jacket drapes beautifully, ‌making it flattering and stylish. Whether you wear it casually or dress ​it up, you can be confident that you’ll look effortlessly put together.

Q: Can the hood ‍of the 32 Degrees Women’s 3/4 Ultra-Light Down Jacket be completely removed?

A: Absolutely! The 32 Degrees Women’s 3/4 ⁣Ultra-Light Down Jacket comes with ​a ‌detachable hood, which allows you ‍to switch between a ⁣hooded or non-hooded look based on your preference or the weather conditions. It’s a fantastic feature ​that adds versatility to the jacket, making it suitable for ⁣various occasions.

Q: How effective is the water-repellant feature of the 32 ⁣Degrees Women’s 3/4 Ultra-Light Down Jacket?

A: The water-repellant feature of the 32 Degrees Women’s ‌3/4 Ultra-Light Down Jacket provides a layer of protection against light rain or moisture. While it is not completely waterproof, it is designed to keep you dry and ⁤comfortable in⁢ drizzly ⁣conditions. However, it is important to note that this jacket is ⁣not intended for heavy rain or prolonged exposure to water.

Q: What is the overall impression of the ‌32 Degrees Women’s⁣ 3/4 Ultra-Light Down Jacket?

A: To summarize our review, the 32 Degrees ⁣Women’s 3/4 Ultra-Light Down Jacket ⁢is a cozy and⁣ stylish choice for those seeking‌ a ‌lightweight and versatile outerwear option. Its slim fit design flatters ​the ‍figure, while the detachable hood and water-repellant‌ feature​ add practicality to the jacket.​ It is important to consider ⁤that this jacket is better suited for milder climates or ​transitional seasons rather than extremely⁢ cold temperatures. Overall, if you’re looking ⁢for a fashionable and functional‌ jacket,‌ this 32 Degrees piece may just‍ be the perfect cozy companion for you.

Seize the Opportunity

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In conclusion, we ‍can confidently say ⁢that the 32 ​Degrees Women’s 3/4 Ultra-Light Down Jacket ⁤is the cozy companion ‍you‍ need to brave the cold in style. With its slim‍ fit, detachable hood, and water-repellant properties, ⁢this jacket ⁣checks all the boxes for both fashion and functionality.

From the moment we laid our hands on it, we‍ knew this ⁤jacket was⁤ something special. Its lightweight construction surprised us, proving that warmth doesn’t have to come with ⁢bulkiness. The 3/4 length adds⁣ a touch of elegance, making it a versatile piece for any occasion. Whether you’re running errands, meeting friends for brunch, or taking a ‍stroll in the park, this jacket is ⁢sure to keep you comfortable and chic.

We were particularly impressed with the detachable hood, which allows you to customize your look and adapt to changing weather conditions. The water-repellant feature is another⁢ standout, ⁣providing ​an added layer of protection⁤ against unexpected drizzles or light showers.

Overall, the 32 Degrees Women’s ‍3/4 Ultra-Light Down Jacket surpassed our expectations‍ in terms of quality and performance. It ⁢not only kept us warm during chilly winter days ‌but ​also made us‌ feel confident and stylish. We believe ⁣every ⁣woman should have this essential piece in her wardrobe.

Don’t miss out ‍on experiencing the comfort and style of the 32 Degrees Women’s 3/4 Ultra-Light ​Down Jacket. Click here to get yours today and be ready to take on‍ the cold‍ in style:

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