New Jersey sports betting

New Jersey Leads The Way, But With A Hitch

Analysts that have looked into the projections of the New Jersey sports betting industry have acknowledged success in the industry, but with a hitch. There are solid projections for the future of the industry in […]

sportsbooks in Kentucky

Kentucky Has Big Decisions To Make

Recently there were a couple of very different proposals in terms of legalizing, as well as regulating, sportsbooks in Kentucky, with one being in the House and one being in the Senate. The two bills […]

maryland sports betting

Maryland May Legalize Sports Betting

Maryland lawmakers drafted and then filed a sports wagering bill (SB 58) for the state legislature to look into when they convene for the session this year. The bill would legalize sports betting at Maryland […]

BetAmerica indiana

BetAmerica Prepares For Indiana Online Launch

Indiana bettors have a lot to look forward to this festive season. Over the weekend, the Indiana Gaming Commission (IGC) issued a mobile wagering launch authorization notice to BetAmerica, paving the way for the brand […]