Steve Smith Compares Himself to Kane Williamson, Black Caps Skipper

Steve Smith cricket

Steve Smith isn’t someone who will stay away from some challenges. Thus, the good guys of cricket are in town, it might be time to highlight the pleasantries. Smith, the Australian batsman exuberant while praising Black Caps prior to their 3-Test series which has starred on Thursday in Perth and the former captain has saved his flaming reference for Kane Williamson, the skipper of New Zealand.

Smith has a ludicrous test average of 63.8. This shows a man who knows something about top-class batting. He called Williamson an excellent batsman and someone that they definitely have to focus on. Thereafter, he talked in detail regarding what makes the skipper of New Zealand so hard to dismiss.

He says Kane has played the ball quite late and is patient. He thinks that both of them hold the bat in a similar manner and that he has got a close grip. He says that he likes it in test cricket. Playing the ball a little late proves to be useful and he plays a bit late than usual.

Smith further said that Williamson has a great worth ethic and also a good eye. This gives more time to make a decision on the shots. When it comes to quick bowling, he has enough time and hopefully they will be able to keep it up.

According to Smith, the dangerous Black Caps are the players who form their experience base. Among the players who have visited Australia in the previous tour in 2015, 8 are still playing in the team that is training at Perth in present.

Smith says that a lot of players who were there last time are still there and they have grown a few more years in their experience. They have great players on the team. Ross Taylor, last time, has scored great runs and played a good amount of cricket. Also, the bowling attack of the team has been together for quite some time now. Together, bowling and batting have formed a good partnership.

The bowling attack of the Black Hat might comprise of Trent Boult who hopes to be available for the day-night pink-ball opener, after having suffered a side strain in the 1st Test against England.

Smith analyzed and said that he is a good bowler and has some great skills. He says that he is a left-arm bowler who will be able to swing the ball back. Anyone who is doing that at great speed is not something that you get to see every day. Smith also says that he has an excellent record. Since he has got a side strain, he might be a little underdone but there is no doubt in case he plays that they will have to be cautious.

Nevertheless, when rightly informed that Boult has been dismissed by him 4 times in 5 Test, Smith paused for a brief moment. He questions if he really has and said that he doesn’t know. Smith went on to say that he has scored some runs too. The series that he played against New Zealand, he has been able to score some runs.

The average of Smith against the Black Caps is 67.9 and thus, he is not wrong. He scored 3 fifties and 3 centuries in the 5 tests. In the series, there is just one man whose average is more than 60 and it might be difficult for the opposing team to stop him.

Marnus Labuschagne and David Warner have been dominant in the season so far. This took some pressure off Steve of holding the innings together. Even though it has been good for Australian cricket, this has been a new thing for the man himself.

Smith said that this was not easy and it has been quite some time that he has been sitting and watching the teammates do what they do best. He says that it has been good to see the boys score good runs while he was sitting back and chilling. It is pretty difficult waiting for batting and you concentrate on what is going on in the center. You also think about getting ready and it’s difficult if you consider that angle.