Sri Lanka Concludes Test Series in Pakistan

Sri Lanka Cricket

Sri Lanka team recently concluded a Test series in Pakistan and it was a stint that the country saw after ten years. Pakistan was able to grab a victory as well as notch up their points over its contestants. Sri Lanka joined the Karachi test series and the win that Pakistan obtained over them led to Pakistan gaining 80 points that have helped them move up the ranks in ICC World Test Championships.

ICC Points

The Test series was a two-match setup whereby Sri Lanka also stayed on 80 points. They reached their tally after the team’s first match at Rawalpindi. Both teams ended up with 20 points. Sri Lanka went into the Pakistan Test matches with a total of 60 points that they gained in a draw that they had with New Zealand. Pakistan on the other hand, failed in winning any point since they played two-Test series against Australia before this, both of which ended with defeats for them.

Every series of WTC accumulates to 120 points for any nation; this is distributed in an equal manner across a set of matches when there is a series being played. Points can range from 60 points that are gained for every match in a Test series with two matches; when there is a five-match series for a Test it provides 24 points for each. In this rating India sits on top as there have been 360 points that they have gained across three series, having won in the series they played with Bangladesh, South Africa, West Indies, and their opponents did not secure points additionally.

Sri Lanka still needs to work its way up since Pakistan has now moved up the table. Australia remains in the second position with a total of 216 points after they won the opening match of the ongoing Test series that they are currently playing with New Zealand. These points help ascertain the position of the Test Championship for the world teams.

Test Series in Pakistan

In the year 2009, the Test series that was being held in Pakistan against Sri Lanka saw the unfortunate incident of two of the Sri Lanka members being attacked before the second match could commence in Lahore. Since then there has not been an instance of a full series being played in the country. This year, however, the Asian Cricket Council had a meet in Singapore and here the Pakistan Cricket Board asked for the Sri Lanka Cricket team to come over and play a Test series. In July SLC sent an assessment team over to check the situation. Based on their findings the board recommended that Sri Lanka Cricket consider the request.

Test Results

The tour of Sri Lanka took place in the months of September and October this year which included three matches of the ODI format as well as three of the T20 international format. The original Test series that was planned was moved to December. Sri Lanka had played matches of the limited-overs format previously, once in October of the year 2017 while the third T20 international they had played was in Lahore the same year. This year the T20 international series was won by Sri Lanka. Many of the players did not opt to travel when the Test series was set but the game did happen. This was following the limited over matches between the two countries.

The Test series was an inaugural attempt to raise points in the ICC World Test Championship that has been started since this year and would continue to account for till 2021. Being the first time that Sri Lanka was playing their Asian neighbor after 2009, there was much fanfare and positive vibe about the series.

The first match of the Test resulted in a draw since there were rain conditions as well as bad lighting. After the first Test was concluded, Sri Lankan captain expressed regret that he has not participated in the limited over matches held previously this year, stating that the country was now safe for playing again and they were confident of being treated well as visitors. Though the Test was concluded with 263 runs and won by Pakistan, Sri Lanka gave the national players a platform to showcase their game to the country and bring the game home as many fans had been waiting to see the games being played on home ground.