Marawin’s SportyBet Launches with Official Mobile App


SportyBet is an upcoming player in sports betting in Nigeria. It has been around longer than most players and is satisfied with an average performance, nevertheless. It tries to maintain quality than quantity, being its motto. With low-risk entertainment for sports-loving betters out there, SportyBet cares about functionality, usability, and user experience. And, this is visible the moment you browse to their official website.

Foundation of SportyBet

Marawin Group, based in the UK, is the major stakeholder and parent company of SportyBet, which is located in Lagos, Nigeria with its regional headquarters. It was 2012 in which year the foundation stone was laid and the online operations began in the soon-to-develop Nigerian economy. Their demographics primarily love football and have their own players as well. With an attempt to allow regional people to place bets, indulge in online bookmaker business, and expand the business, SportyBet took a long shot. But, did it play out well after 8 years? We take a deep look today and review their status in 2020.

It operates with a license from Lagos State Lotteries Board and performs at an odds quality of 97%, something which very few are able to sustain and offer. This alone makes SportyBet unique and stands out from the rest. In other words, SportyBet is perhaps the only low-risk and high odds retaining sports betting provider in Nigeria. If you love betting, you should check them out.

Here is a brief summary of its features.

  • It forwards an odds format of decimal and supports NGN, Nigerian Naira;
  • Among the most popular betting services, Live Streaming, and In-Play are top performers. Cash Out is also good;
  • It is a mobile-ready platform provider. SportyBet is the only one that supports the latest OS and devices, whether iOS, Android, and Windows Phone. It also supports web, over desktop, laptop, and mobile on tablets and smartphones;

Thus, with a solid foundation, SportyBet tries to appeal to both young and old people, seasoned and new players, and those who are on the fence. You can get your information pretty much from anywhere and on any device if you use SportyBet.

Leagues on SportyBet

As Nigerians are primarily soccer fans and have strong support for local players, any sports betting company that operates in the region must support local culture. In this, they have to offer the worldwide leagues that are fan favorites. IN this regard, SportyBet offers a strong collection of football leagues.

  • NBA – all its live games and events are available for streaming as well as matches;
  • UEFA Europa League – betting on the top football events cannot be done with this league;
  • Serie A – is another quire famous league for soccer fans out there, with streaming betting as well;
  • Bundesliga – is also supported for pre-match as well as live betting;
  • UEFA Champions League – comes first for many fans, and this is officially available as well;

Now, besides these top leagues, there are over two dozen more titles including ITF, Chinese Super League, EFL Cup, English Premier League, Ligue 1, WWE, and more. This hefty and solid collection of sports events make SportyBet a one-stop solution for sports betting. Again, they focus on quality over quantity, and this is a strong point.

It also supports other sports like tennis, basketball, cricket, volleyball, and even boxing. With an abundance of sport types and leagues in a sports category, SportyBet has managed to uphold quality over quantity. You can go through their UI, navigation on the website, and responsiveness on any device to verify the claims.

Desktop & Mobile Betting

SportyBet is gradually becoming the go-to solution for African markets. Despite being around since 2012, it is the newest entrance in Nigeria. It already enjoys a strong following worldwide and it is to be seen if they can replicate the same with the local culture and variations. For example, offering a site in the local language. Or, offering local language customer support.

It has already established online dominance in countries like Tanzania, Kenya, and now Nigeria seems to be on its list. With other competitors like Bet9ja, Betway, Futbol24, BetKing, it will be a tough match to win. With the motto of quality first, SportyBet is showing signs of becoming a famous household name in Nigeria as well, in the next five years or so.

The whole credit for this goes to their flawless or relatively superior experience on desktop and smartphones. The mobile user and on-the-go demographics need apps that work seamlessly over slow networks and smaller screens. SportyBet took note of it and started its services accordingly.

  • UI

SportyBet’s user interface on desktops is very simple and everything you need is only a click away. It is clutter-free, intuitive, and uses a strong and clean color palette. In a way, you can find where to deposit funds, find your favorite sports, and start betting under minutes. It might seem a little too simple, but the core idea of quality extends through each and every functionality. In comparison with BetKing, this has a neater presentation. Choosing various payment types and currencies is limited for now, but it will be soon added.

  • Prices

When it comes to offering products at good prices, SportyBet is the king of all. Nigerians tend to prefer value for money betting, and with 97% odds and low-risk betting model, SportyBet fulfills that desire. For example, Nigerians can now simply scan the QR code found on their SportyBet website and download the app directly. Its features like cash out, partial cash out options, and instant notifications make it more convenient for even the less tech-savvy Nigerians.

  • Reliability

With its current team size and focus on bringing quality betting to the sports betting industry, especially in Nigeria, people have begun to take notice. With a professional first-class UI, website ( you can tell yourself that you should sign up for this. It is difficult to find the right market for betting and SportyBet makes it easier. Keeping current odds updates and competitive offerings make them stand out. Even other rivals’ bigger sportsbooks don’t offer that value to players. Their mobile site is also reliable just like a desktop offering, doesn’t crash, and stays alive. It is on par with most of the market players.

Benefits Limitations of SportyBet

With all odds and offerings, it is good to know where it stands among others. Especially, for the Nigerian market. Below is a list of the pros and cons of their current placement.


  • Only 6MB side of the mobile app makes it ultra-light and powerful;
  • It offers the best experience, neater presentation and quality UI for navigators;
  • Offered officially on all platforms, mobile devices, even on Windows Phone;


  • Payment options and support of Naira is pretty limited for now;
  • It is the newest player in Nigeria and just began expanding;

Verdict SportyBet

Live betting is a crucial part of betting on sports, on each throw, catch game, and so on. In-play betting is also available on SportyBet. It can be viewed in single or multiple-view formats, on your device. Bettors can keep up to date with the action as it unfolds, with graphic representations, getting decisions and their results all in one place.

With betting limits, SportyBet currently offers NGN 100, as the lowest and the maximum limit being NGN 2,000,000. The flexibility is quite huge and offers a chance for both new players and high-rollers. SportyBet is also setting limits on how much maximum payout is possible for a successful bet, capping it at NGN 4,000,000.