South African Cricket: If it is not Possible to Beat’em, Dodge Them

Jacques Faul had an extraneous Saturday. He had hardly had his breakfast before he had been confirmed the news of being Cricket South Africa’s interim chief executive. Thereafter, he got into a flight to Johannesburg, and only after some time he got caught by the jostling media. The media expected him to have some answers and decisive ones on how he is planning to suspend the free-fall of South-African cricket.

On several occasions in the time of his engagement, Faul had pointed out; he had come to know about the gig at 11 am on that day. Thus, he only had a chance to put together a handful of brainstorming sessions all night. Even though he has signed up for a good amount of mess, there is going to more time to come.

Jacques Faul states that the cricket of South Africa is in a dilemma and is going to be solved only when the trust is restored. It might sound simple but it should not be forgotten that he is considering developing trust in such an organization that has destroyed the trust of the stakeholders.

On the sidelines of the press briefing of CSA in a conference room, he said that he thinks that it is important to act in an ethical manner. He said that the public cannot be blamed for not trusting them for what has happened. Acting in an ethical manner is necessary and put out the fires at the same time. In the end, they have to retain sponsors, and also attract new ones. This serves as a good indicator as it shows that corporate South Africa has agreed to give them a chance.

It is not complicated but only acknowledgments of the semblance of accountability. This is an understanding of the truth that the discreditable behavior they have doesn’t help in winning over sponsors and fans. He said that with the relationship turning better with the sponsors and South African Cricketers Associations, the credibility is going to return.

Chris Nenzani, the president of CSA has acknowledged that the declining relationship between the player’s official representative and the administrator of the game in South Africa Cricketers Associations. He states that in crunch talks last night, the board had decreed that the relation with the players should be repaired immediately. Once again, something doesn’t have to be decreed.

Nenzani, however, remained pretty speed on his feet and had been careful not to hint that the board or he will be responsible for the damages they watched coming to head in the previous week.

South Africa Cricketers Associations had called in a few days back for them to step down. Even the 8 provincial boards wanted it. On the basis of Nenzani, no idea might be irrational. He said that the board isn’t complicit in regards to decision making and that the board has taken a decision that had to be implemented by his management and CEO.

As per Nenzani, it is the duty of the board for holding the chief executive much accountable. Last week, Thabang Moroe had been suspended and they have only done that. It has also been made clear that he had a feeling that by organizing the briefing of the press and by preceding the meeting, it served as proof that the board is considering the responsibility of the present situation.

Towards the end, it has become pretty clear that the board ins’ going anywhere. The question is Graeme Smith and Faul offer the required counterweight to duplicity which has turned out to be a norm in the last few months.

When Faul had complete field the question in some form or the other, he started joking about the assignment’s short-term nature. However, this was not the first time. He went on to say that he likes these types of interim job and that he will be going back to the calm and safer waters for some time.

This might be for the best. At least, there has to be someone who doesn’t beholden to the old methods of Cricket South Africa methods of accountability which have gotten them this far.