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Starting from NPFL 2020 to teams and competitions from the Nigerian plays and matches, you can find all the relevant information on SoccerVista. Soccer picks of the day, tables, statistics, and betting odds are presented in a simple manner for betting fans and enthusiasts. You can find your favorite football team right here and the best cups of the season as well. SoccerVista is a one-stop hub for all the soccer details and predictions since 1999. With the 20 year legacy behind its emergence, it is Nigeria’s leading website for sports betting delights. You can get the point that you are looking for when you land on their official site link.

SoccerVista is as simple as it can get. The UI, the information that is presented below, the main landing page, and construction are outdated. But, at the same time, it loads faster, even on slow data speeds, and is optimized for the Nigerian market and infrastructure. It is also optimized for mobile viewing right from the scratch. You will not be overwhelmed with the information, as it was specific to soccer only. But, it covers the worldwide range of matches, leagues, and all from over 112 countries. Each of them is accessible in just one click configuration.

UI & Accessibility of SoccerVista Nigeria

The website is accessible throughout the world and there are no country-specific restrictions. You can always use a VPN if there is any kind of problem. It works for all types of browsers even the ones that are 6 to 8 years old. Therefore, it does not heavily rely on all the latest tech and fancy items. This makes it simple, lightweight, and easy to load on any network speeds. This improves the usability of SoccerVista; especially in low-infra countries like Nigeria.

But, it compensates for this with matches, leagues, and soccer games from all over the world. For example, to view the matches in the past, the upcoming matches, year-to-date games, and cups, you have to select the team from Nigeria. You can do this by simply making a Google Search for SoccerVista. At the time of writing, we found three entries where team Nigeria played this season.

  1. Africa Cup of Nations Qualification – it got Rank 1and won 2 matches.
  2. International Friendlies 2020
  3. International Friendlies 2019

In the Friendlies International 2020, Nigeria had a draw of 1:1 with Tunisia and it lost to Algeria in another match. IN 2019, it had won both the matches against Lesotho and Benin. One with 2:4 and the other with 2:1.

You also find the list of upcoming matches in 2020 and 2021. On 13th November, you have the International Africa Cup where Nigeria is playing against Sierra Leone, and on the 17th of November, 2020 they are playing against another one with the same country. In 2021, the first quartet, they have two matches against Lesotho and Benin.

The overall usability of the site is as simple as we have mentioned above. For any country, there is a long list of nations on the right column. There is a list of today’s matches in the left column. But, on a mobile phone or smartphone, they shall appear similar to the desktop page if you choose to go that way. There is always a feature on all major browsers like Firefox, Google Chrome, and Microsoft Edge to load the “desktop version” of the browser. Then, you can “pinch to zoom” to your favorite sections.

Categories & Sections of SoccerVista

Since the website is a simple construction with very little info and categories, it makes it very easy to load and browse. The first thing that you notice when to land on the home page is a list of all leagues, sorted by the date and popularity, with their odds and tips. Then, you have the top leagues sorted by country. At the time of writing, you have

  • Brazil
  • England
  • France
  • Germany
  • International
  • Italy
  • Portugal and more

If we talk about SoccerVista Nigerian NPFL details, this website has them as well.

The facts and figures of Nigerian demographics are available at SoccerVista pretty easily. If you click on the relevant Match, the NPFL you shall find some important points. NPFL 2019/2020 is available on SoccerVista, and it is a great place for sports betting fans and gamblers who wish to try their luck. You can find the information divided into the following sections.

  • Summary
  • Season
  • Results
  • Fixtures
  • Top Scorers other Leagues from Nigeria

The home field has an extraordinary influence on any result of a soccer game. This means teams will get an added benefit of 2:1 on the home field. And, the number of draws is also on the average level of 25% for Nigeria. At the same time for the Nigerian team, the number of goals is lower than the typical range for SoccerVista leagues. It is 2.03 goals per game, to be specific. This is an important metric for betting players. You can also learn from SoccerVista Nigeria that their number of games with three or more goals is lower than 35%. In short, Nigerian Teams are Average for betting.

SoccerVista Sure Wins Prediction & other Benefits

The way you must use and apply the information found on this site is purely for analytics. Yes, there are some tips available but here are no membership benefits or affiliations with this site. This site keeps things simple enough for visitors. You will not get any bet types, offers, and game-specific tips. For example, there are no “Double Daily Tips” or “Over 2.5 Goals” tips, or “High Scorer” tips. This is where the information from the games and matches is used by statistical analysis for forming conclusions and then distilled to provide one-liner tips. It tells users specifically to bet on a specific betting game at a specific time of the day. It ensures the best odds and chances of winning the bet.

But, SoccerVista is a raw collection of data and figures with little to no analytical results and tips for betting. It does not mean there are none, but the results are slim and not so detailed. Yes, you have sections and categories at the top menu bar which reads the following:

  • Main Page
  • Bet of the Day
  • Picks by Email
  • Livescore
  • Statistics
  • Bookmakers

But the information is not presented so explicitly on the main page. You have to know properly where to look else you might miss the informational facts.


  • A lot of information is taken from elsewhere and accumulated here. For example, clicking on “Livescore” on the top section takes you to another website from Such aggregation ensures information from the best of all places.
  • SoccerVista loads quickly because of simple and efficient design. Important information on all leagues is available right at the top.
  • No fancy flash, ads, and other pop-ups.


  • SoccerVista clearly mentions on the site that all the provided information is for informative purposes only, and there is no guarantee of any kind.
  • You have to browse the country-specific list or game-specific list from the huge list.
  • In terms of the “About US” you do not have a lot here. There is a simple HTML Contact page and FAQs.


Such simple sectioning allows visitors on all types of mobile devices to browse through the information without hassle. The screen ratio, presentation, and link are all well designed. SoccerVista helps us know the relevant facts.