She’s Ready to Shine in adidas Girls’ Tricot Warm Up Athletic Sports Pants!

Welcome, fellow sports⁣ enthusiasts! Today, we’re here to share our experience‍ with⁢ the adidas Girls’ Tricot Warm Up Athletic Sports Pants. We know that finding the right pair of pants for your young⁤ athlete can be‍ a challenge, but fear not because ⁢we’ve got ‍you covered!

Let’s ⁣start with the design. These pants are the‍ epitome of cool and trendy. The tapered leg cut gives them a modern look ‍that any fashion-forward⁢ young‍ girl would love. ⁢Plus, the slightly shiny tricot fabric adds a touch of iconic, sporty style⁢ that makes ‌these pants stand out from the rest.

But it’s not just about‍ the looks. We all know how fast kids ‍grow and change, and that’s why we’re thrilled that‌ adidas now ⁤offers ​extended sizing for their‍ most popular apparel, including these fantastic pants. No‍ more settling‌ for ill-fitting or uncomfortable gear. ​With the adidas Girls’ ⁣Tricot Warm Up Athletic Sports Pants, you can ensure ‌your child has the perfect⁣ fit, so they can focus on what really matters – their game.

What sets adidas apart from other⁤ brands is their commitment ‌to providing gear that ⁤makes kids feel confident. ‍Their extended sizing ​range⁢ isn’t about ​labeling, it’s about inclusivity and⁤ ensuring that every child can find that just-right size. No more⁢ “plus size” or “husky size” labels. It’s about ⁣time we ​embrace growth​ and change ⁤with ‌open‌ arms.

Now, let’s talk about the technical details.​ These⁢ pants come in a compact ⁣size ⁢of 11.69 x 10 x 0.98 inches, making them‌ easy to store and ​carry around. They weigh just⁤ 7.2 ounces,‌ so your young athlete won’t feel weighed down during their workouts or games. ⁢The item model number is CXI57, and they’re⁣ from the trusted manufacturer, adidas.

In conclusion, the adidas Girls’ Tricot Warm Up ⁣Athletic Sports Pants ⁢are a game-changer in the world of⁢ kids’ sports apparel. With‍ their stylish design, extended sizing options, and ‍commitment to making kids feel confident, these pants ​are a must-have for⁣ any young ⁣athlete. So, what are you waiting for? Gear up with adidas ​and let’s get ready​ to win!

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Our Adidas Girls’ Tricot Warm Up ‌Athletic‌ Sports Pants are a must-have for any young ⁣athlete. With their ‌sleek tapered leg cut and slightly shiny tricot ⁣fabric, these pants offer a modern, ​on-trend ‍look that will have her feeling confident and stylish.

What sets⁣ these ⁤pants ‍apart is our dedication to providing​ great-fitting, functional gear for⁤ kids of all shapes and sizes.​ We understand that children ​are‌ constantly growing and changing, and ‌their bodies deserve clothes that fit them well. That’s why we’ve ⁤extended our ​sizing options, so you ⁤can easily find the perfect fit for your child. No more searching through “plus ‍size” or “husky size” sections – our extended sizing⁣ range is⁢ all about ⁣making it simple ‍and convenient for you and your little one.

Designed⁣ by Adidas, a trusted name⁢ in athletic wear, these pants ⁤are​ sure to withstand the demands ⁢of any sports activity. ⁤Whether‍ she’s running, jumping, or kicking, the ‍durable construction and high-quality materials ⁣ensure that these pants⁢ will ⁤go the distance. Plus, ⁤the iconic 3-Stripes design adds a touch of sporty style that she’ll love.

So, don’t wait any longer! Get your hands on‍ a ‌pair of our⁣ Adidas Girls’ Tricot Warm ‍Up Athletic ⁤Sports Pants and give your⁤ child the comfort,‌ style, and confidence she deserves. Click here to purchase now and experience the difference for yourself!

Key⁤ Features and Aspects

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When it comes to athletic sports ​pants for girls, ⁢the adidas Girls’ ‍Tricot Warm Up Pants are an absolute game-changer. These pants are designed to ⁣give her the confidence and style she needs to‍ tackle any activity. With their‌ tapered leg cut, they offer a⁣ modern and on-trend look that she’ll love. The slightly shiny tricot material adds an iconic and sporty touch, making these pants a standout⁤ in her ‍wardrobe.

But what sets these pants ⁤apart is the attention to ‌detail in the sizing. We understand that kids are always growing and changing, and that’s why we offer ⁤extended sizing for ⁤our⁤ most popular apparel. We believe⁢ that all kids deserve gear that fits them perfectly and makes⁤ them ​feel confident. ⁢That’s why we’ve done away with phrases like “plus‍ size” and ‍”husky size,” and instead focus ⁢on providing a ‍range of sizes that are just right for every ⁤child.

In terms of⁤ practicality, these pants tick‍ all the boxes. They’re lightweight and comfortable,‌ perfect⁤ for‌ all-day wear. The ⁣elastic waistband ensures a secure fit, while the adidas logo adds a⁢ touch of branding that kids‌ love. Plus, they’re easy to care for, so parents‌ can breathe a sigh of relief⁢ knowing that these pants can‍ handle whatever ​messes come their way.

Overall, the adidas Girls’ Tricot Warm‍ Up Pants are a must-have for any active girl. ⁢Whether she’s hitting the field, ​the track, or simply running errands with her friends,‍ these pants⁣ will provide the comfort, style, and confidence she needs to conquer ​the day. Don’t ‌miss out on‍ giving her the best gear⁣ possible – ‍click‍ here ‍to get your⁢ pair today!

Detailed Insights and Recommendations

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When⁣ it comes to the adidas Girls’ Tricot Warm Up Athletic Sports​ Pants, we were thoroughly impressed with the⁣ attention to detail and functionality ‌of ⁢this product. The tapered leg cut ‌not only gives these pants a modern​ and‌ on-trend ⁢look, but ‌it ‍also provides a ​flattering fit for young girls. The slightly shiny ‌tricot material adds an ⁤iconic and sporty style that any kid would love.

One of the⁤ standout features of these athletic pants is the extended sizing option. We appreciate⁣ that adidas has recognized the⁣ fact that kids are always growing and changing, and their ​bodies‍ are too.‌ By​ offering extended sizes, they have made it easier for children and their parents to find the⁤ perfect‍ fit. This inclusion is a step in the right direction, as it⁤ focuses on providing great-fitting, functional gear rather ​than labeling kids based on size.

In ​terms⁣ of comfort, these pants exceeded our expectations. The tricot material feels soft against the ‍skin and ​allows for easy movement, ​making them suitable⁢ for various activities. Whether your child is participating in sports or simply lounging around, they will feel comfortable and⁣ confident in ⁢these adidas ⁤pants.

To sum it up, the adidas Girls’ Tricot Warm Up‌ Athletic Sports Pants are a fantastic addition to any young girl’s wardrobe. With ‌their trendy design, extended sizing options, and comfortable fit, these ⁤pants are⁢ a no-brainer. If you’re in the⁤ market for high-quality athletic pants for your‍ daughter, we ‌highly recommend giving these a ​try. Head over‌ to Amazon to make your purchase​ and⁢ empower your child with the confidence to conquer any challenge they face.

Visit Amazon ‍to purchase the⁤ adidas Girls’ Tricot Warm Up⁤ Athletic Sports Pants now!

Customer Reviews Analysis

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Customer⁤ Reviews Analysis

After analyzing the customer reviews for the adidas Girls’ Tricot ‍Warm Up Athletic Sports Pants, we⁢ have compiled ​the following insights:

Review Analysis
“I am⁤ a slender adult female and they⁣ are slightly cropped ⁤on me, but I⁣ like that ​to ‌keep me cool.‍ Plus, I figure they would do ​that anyhow being that they are ​tapered. Also the pockets are not too deep, but ‌curved just right so items do not fall ‍out, esp. ⁢moving around & ⁢sitting down. Would def. buy again!” The pants have‍ a slightly cropped length, which provides a cooling effect for the wearer.⁣ The tapered design is appreciated for its ⁣potential to ​enhance breathability. The⁣ pockets are well-designed to prevent items from falling ‍out during ⁣movement.
“The shipping was super fast and my niece loved them!⁣ The small was too small and I had to⁣ return ‍the first pair. After reading the reviews⁣ I ordered the right size. She and I were ⁢satisfied!” The shipping process was praised for⁣ its speed and ⁣efficiency.⁤ However, a discrepancy⁤ in size was encountered but resolved ‌by exchanging for the correct size based on ⁣reviews. Overall, the niece and the ​reviewer were satisfied with the product.
“Fits ​as expected” The pants fit as expected, meeting ⁤the wearer’s size requirements.
“Fits my daughter perfectly. She loves them for ​their ‍comfort ⁤:)” The⁣ pants fit‌ the customer’s daughter perfectly and are loved for their comfort.
“Loved‌ them!!!!” The pants were loved ​by the reviewer, indicating‍ high satisfaction.
“Cute!” The pants are described as cute, ⁣possibly referring ‌to their aesthetic appeal.
“The pants‌ don’t have the white⁢ trim I. The bottom” The ‌pants lack the white trim at the bottom, which‌ may be a discrepancy from‌ the product description or a customer⁢ preference.
“It runs ⁢very very small.” A common concern mentioned by a customer is that‍ the ⁢pants run significantly‌ smaller than expected.
“i like it​ but its small” The customer expresses a ‌positive liking ⁣for the ⁤product ‌despite its smaller size.
“Too ⁢small” A straightforward criticism ⁤indicates that the pants are too small and do not meet⁤ the customer’s sizing requirements.

Based ​on the customer ‌reviews, the​ adidas Girls’‍ Tricot Warm Up Athletic ‍Sports Pants offer a cool⁣ and comfortable fit, ⁤especially appreciated by slender individuals. The tapered design⁢ and curved pockets contribute to a secure and functional wearing experience. However, it is​ essential to carefully review sizing information and take into ⁢account potential⁢ discrepancies ⁣to ‌avoid ‍receiving smaller-than-expected pants. The absence‌ of the⁤ white trim at the bottom may also differ⁤ from some customers’ expectations or⁣ preferences.

We⁤ hope ⁢this analysis helps you make an informed decision ⁣about the adidas ⁣Girls’ Tricot Warm‌ Up Athletic Sports Pants. If you have any‍ further questions​ or need​ assistance,⁢ feel free to reach out to us.

Pros & ​Cons

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  1. Modern and ‍trendy‍ tapered⁤ leg cut.
  2. Slightly shiny tricot material gives ‌a sporty‍ and iconic style.
  3. Available‍ in ⁣extended sizing for a better fit ⁢for growing ‌kids.
  4. Variety of colors to choose‍ from.
  5. Durable construction from ‌a well-known and trusted ​brand.
  6. Comfortable fit for ⁣all-day⁢ wear.
  7. Elastic waistband ‍for ⁤easy ⁤on and off.
  8. Perfect for athletic activities or casual wear.
  9. Easy ​to ‍clean⁣ and maintain.


  1. May run⁤ small, so consider sizing up.
  2. Not suitable for colder climates as⁣ they are⁣ not ‌very ‌thick.
  3. Some users reported ​the elastic waistband⁤ being too tight.
  4. Limited availability in certain sizes or colors.
  5. >The slightly shiny material may show ‌wear and tear more easily.


The adidas​ Girls’ Tricot Warm Up Athletic Sports ‌Pants are a stylish and comfortable choice‍ for active girls. With their modern tapered ‍leg cut and sporty design, they provide both fashion and function. ‌The extended sizing ⁢options ensure a great fit for ‌growing kids, while⁣ the durable​ construction and easy maintenance make them a reliable ⁣choice. However,⁢ be cautious of potential sizing and elastic waistband tightness issues.‌ Overall, these pants​ are a ⁢great addition to ‍any girl’s ⁣wardrobe for sports or casual wear.


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Q: What sizes are available for the ​adidas Girls’ Tricot Warm‌ Up Athletic Sports Pants?
A: We now‌ offer‍ extended sizing for our​ most popular apparel, including​ the adidas Girls’ Tricot Warm⁣ Up Athletic Sports Pants. This means⁣ that we​ have⁤ a wide​ range of sizes available to accommodate growing and changing bodies.

Q: Are these pants ‍suitable for athletic activities?
A: ‌Absolutely! These athletic sports‍ pants ‌are designed to provide comfort and functionality during physical activities. The tapered leg⁣ cut gives them a modern and on-trend look, while ⁣the ​slightly shiny tricot ‍fabric adds to⁣ their ​iconic sporty ⁢style. ⁤Whether your little ‌athlete is​ playing soccer, running,⁣ or simply enjoying outdoor playtime, these pants will keep her comfortable ‌and ready to shine.

Q: What is the material used for these pants?
A: The adidas Girls’ Tricot Warm ⁤Up Athletic‍ Sports Pants‌ are made of tricot⁣ fabric. This​ type of ‌fabric is known⁢ for its durability, softness, and ​stretchability, making⁤ it perfect for athletic wear.‌ Your little ⁣one will feel comfortable and ⁤unrestricted ​while wearing these pants.

Q:‌ Do these​ pants have an adjustable waistband?
A: Yes, these pants feature an elastic waistband with an internal drawcord, allowing for⁢ adjustable fit and added comfort. This ensures that the ‍pants stay ‌in place during active ​movements and​ can be easily adjusted to‌ accommodate different​ body shapes.

Q:‌ Can these pants be machine washed?
A: Definitely! These adidas pants ​are machine washable, making them⁤ convenient ⁢and easy to care for. Just‌ toss them ‌in the washing machine with⁣ like ⁢colors and follow the care instructions to keep ‍them clean and fresh.

Q: Are these ​pants suitable ​for colder weather?
A: While the adidas Girls’ Tricot Warm ‍Up Athletic Sports Pants provide warmth and comfort, it’s always best to layer appropriately for colder weather.​ These pants can be paired with thermal leggings or worn under a thicker outer⁤ layer for added ⁣insulation during chilly temperatures.

Q: Can‌ these pants ⁢be ​worn casually?
A:‌ Absolutely! These athletic sports pants⁤ are not only perfect ⁤for sports and physical activities but can also be worn ⁤as part of casual⁤ outfits. The modern and trendy design, coupled with the iconic sporty style, allows for versatility in styling. ⁣Your little one can rock⁢ these pants both on and​ off the field.

Q: Are⁣ these‍ pants available in different colors?
A: ⁤Yes, the adidas Girls’ Tricot‍ Warm ⁢Up Athletic Sports ⁤Pants are available in various colors to suit different preferences and styles. From classic black to vibrant ⁤shades, there’s a‍ color option for every young athlete.

Q: Can ​these pants ⁤be returned if ‌they don’t fit?
A: We understand that finding the⁤ perfect ‌fit⁢ is ⁢important, especially⁤ when it ⁢comes‌ to children’s clothing. If the adidas Girls’ Tricot Warm Up Athletic Sports Pants​ don’t fit⁣ as expected, you can refer to our return policy for ​instructions on ⁣how to initiate ​a ⁢return or exchange.‍ We strive to ensure customer satisfaction and will assist you in ⁣finding ​the right⁢ size for your little ⁢one.

Q: Can these pants be worn by boys as well?
A: While these pants are marketed towards girls, there is no reason why boys can’t enjoy the ⁢comfort⁢ and style of the adidas Girls’ Tricot Warm ⁣Up ⁤Athletic ‌Sports Pants. If the ​design and fit suit their ‍preferences, boys can confidently wear these pants too!

Remember, at adidas, we believe in providing ⁢great-fitting, functional‌ gear that ​kids can ​feel confident wearing. The adidas Girls’ Tricot Warm ‌Up Athletic Sports Pants are no⁣ exception,⁣ and we hope they⁣ become a staple‌ in your child’s athletic⁤ wardrobe.

Seize the Opportunity

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And⁣ there you have it, the adidas ⁢Girls’ Tricot Warm Up Athletic Sports Pants are‍ truly a game-changer for any active ‍young girl. With ⁤their tapered leg⁣ cut and slightly shiny tricot material, these pants deliver a modern, on-trend style that will ⁣make her shine on and⁣ off the field.

But it’s not just about ⁢the style, it’s ‍also about the fit. We understand ⁣that ​kids are constantly growing ⁤and changing, so we’ve expanded our size range to ensure ​that every child can find the perfect fit. ⁢No more labeling or terms like “plus size” or ⁢”husky size,” just a wide range of options to cater to every body type.

So why wait? Give her the confidence she deserves with ⁤the adidas Girls’ Tricot Warm Up Athletic ⁢Sports Pants. Click here to grab a​ pair ​and‌ let ‍her ‍shine bright: Buy now

Remember, it’s not just about the pants, it’s about empowering young girls to feel confident and ready to take on any​ challenge. And with adidas, she’s always ready to ‍shine.

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