Royal77 Casino Malaysia


When it comes to designing mobile sites that perform well on desktop as well, Royal77 is one of the best online gaming sites. Royal77 claims to be one of the leading gaming sites of Asia that offers an extensive range of betting products on a wide variety of scales. They include sports betting, slot games, and even live dealer casinos. After carefully assessing different formats, reviewing games from various vendors, they list them and host them on their platform. That is, in short, you get the best selections at Royal77.

Aiming towards a secure place online with regulated gaming, Royal77 is one of Malaysia’s best betting environments on the internet and, available to the worldwide audience as well.

If you are looking for the best online casino games and sports betting site in Malaysia, look no further than Royal77. The huge variety of selections, quality, secure platform, and the environment is commendable. From the user interface to the experience of their products, there is a lot to say in their favor.


Royal77 Categories & Products

All their services and products are listed on their official site. Just browse to Royal77 and check their offerings. Keeping member privacy of their utmost importance, they continuously audit their games for safety and fair gambling experience. With a user-friendly interface, easy-to-use navigation, and safety standards, Royal77 has clear sections and categories where you can find any information you are looking for easily. For example, information about their company and location etc is available on their “About Us” page. Further, you have more info on the FAQ page and a lot of ways to contact them if needed via Live Chat, Email, Skype, WhatsApp, and Facebook page.

In short, this is an official online gaming site company. Their products and games are listed into different categories like so.

  • Sports – such as football, soccer, tennis
  • Live Casino
  • Slots – video slots for fruit machines and stuff
  • Games
  • Lottery
  • P2P
  • Poker

Among so many options finding something is not that difficult if you know what you are looking for. Further, there are several things you can learn from everything like “Terms & Conditions” to “Responsible Gambling”. Everything is right at the fingertips, and if you are browsing over the smartphone, it is still a delightful experience. The web design is made keeping all these things in mind, and that results in a great user experience online.

Online Gambling & UI Usability

The usability of the user interface on Royal77 relies on its products. With the categories that we spoke about, the sectioning or categories in the web design talks more about the UI. The design takes into the following categories for ease of navigation.

  1. Sports

It consists of the best sports of 2020 and allows gamblers to perform sports betting in Malaysia. The term sports betting simply means placing bets on various scores matches results, and even in-play results of sports. You shall find further three categories here: MaxBet, BBIN, and AG.

  1. eSports

This is a new trend and digital trend that has seen a rise in 2020 post the pandemic world crisis. In this category, you can find three games as well. You have three choices here: Lei Huo, BBIN, and MaxBet.

  1. Live Casino

Under this section, players can find a host of casinos and other locations that you can play at. You have a host of places for casino games in Malaysia: Microgaming, GamePlay, BBIN, Pragmatic Play, ALLBet, and many more. With these options, you can directly play a game from a live casino through virtual media.

  1. Slots

These are the modern-day of fruit machines. The slots have been a mode of entertainment that is available at arcades and game zones. At Royal77, you can find a host of different t slot vendors that includes 3D immersive video slots with nice graphics and animations. ISB Slots, AG Slots, NetEnt, PragmaticPlay, HG Gaming, BBIN, Microgaming Slots, Simple Play, GNS Slots are just some of the most popular brands of the world that you can find here.

  1. Games

It is the category that brings you a host of games like first-person shooter games such as Air Fighter mobile game, or you can play Fish Hunter 2. Then, there is League of Bird Hunting, Fishing Gods, Fishing War, and several other titles to choose from.

  1. Lottery

It is a category that is quite ancient and still, people like to participate in them.

  1. P2P

This is a section that lists all the peer to peer games from brands like GamePlay Interactive.

  1. Promotions

Without which the average gambler may not win that much and might bring new players online. There are several types of bonuses like Welcome Bonus, 0.5% Daily Bonuses, and more. Keep checking these areas every day because new and upcoming offers are always in this category. With Malaysian demographics being the prime customers, you can expect the currencies here in MYR, but you can always use other currency types and methods during withdrawal and deposits. Roulette Lucky 77, Baccarat Challenge, Dragon Tiger Insurance are some of the promotions that were active during the time of writing this article.

  1. Prediction

This is the main item that helps people make and place bets. For example, in the case of games and sports, placing bets on the highest scores and winning teams is not possible without predictions. At the time of writing, Royal77 offers Dota 2 and UEFA in Malaysia.

  1. VIP

It is still under construction and you can only use regular registration for now.

That is, there are several things you can find at the top main menu. Usually, on the desktop, it will appear at the top while on a mobile smartphone, it will appear under the “three horizontal bars” which expand into the following set of menu items. This also shows that the site allows for VIP membership options as well which must have some extra benefits alongside the regular membership registration for playing games, slots, and so on.

The usability of the UI at Royal77 is very logical and intuitive. It is not as confusing as many sites where there is an overload of information hard enough to browse at one go. To make that easy, despite offering so many options of entertainment, the navigation is simple. One additional benefit comes from the fact that they do not list games, links to sports, results, tips, and so on. That creates an avalanche of information that is hard to categorize and reformat.


  • One-stop location for all games, slots, and live casinos.
  • Very limited selection, but the quality is good.
  • Good for live casinos.


  • No dedicated to tips, odds, for matches and stuff.
  • No predictions on sports betting, not suitable for that even though it lists them as a product.

Royal77 Summary

Royal77 is an all-in-one site for gambling in sports, slots, games, and so on in Malaysia, and also in Asia. There are several options and a wide variety to choose from, but only a limited selection of titles and games. This is to ensure the quality, but if you want dedicated sites for slots or sports betting tips, this is not what you should be looking for. It is a hub and not a dedicated resource for such things.