Review: KAO Laurier Super Guard Shorts – Ultimate Absorbency Overnight!

When it comes ‍to that time of the month, finding‌ the⁣ right sanitary napkin can make all the difference in how comfortable and confident you feel. That’s why we‌ were ‍excited to try out⁣ the KAO Laurier Sanitary Napkin Super Guard ‍Shorts Type 5 Piece, 1 Count. This innovative overnight shorts ⁤type pad is designed for maximum absorbency right where you need it most. Just wear​ it as shorts and let it ​do ⁢its magic to keep you feeling fresh‍ and dry overnight. With a perfect ⁣fit for the⁣ curves​ of your body and a cotton-like material for ultimate discretion, we⁢ were impressed by how comfortable and reliable this ⁢sanitary napkin is. Stay tuned as we share our ⁢first-hand experience ‌with this game-changing product.

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When it comes to staying comfortable and dry overnight, the KAO Laurier​ Sanitary Napkin Super Guard Shorts Type is our top choice. With its innovative design, this pad offers superior absorbency exactly where you need it most. The shorts style is convenient and ⁤easy to wear, providing a perfect fit for the curves of ⁤your body. Made with a cotton-like material, this pad⁤ ensures discretion and‍ comfort ‍all ⁣night long.

For those looking for a reliable and effective overnight sanitary napkin, look no‍ further than the KAO⁣ Laurier⁣ Sanitary Napkin Super Guard Shorts Type. With 5 pieces included, you can feel confident and fresh every night. To‌ experience the ultimate ​in absorbency and comfort, try this​ sanitary napkin⁢ for yourself today!

Manufacturer Mii Strategy Inc.
Item model⁤ number BU02P00424

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Key Features and Benefits

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When it comes to staying comfortable and protected overnight, the‍ KAO Laurier Sanitary Napkin‌ Super Guard Shorts Type is our top choice. The innovative shorts type‌ design ⁤provides extra absorbency⁤ where you need it most, ensuring you‌ feel fresh and dry all night ‍long. The perfect fit for the curves of ⁢your body, these pads are made with a cotton-like ⁤material that offers the ultimate in discretion.

With 5 pieces included ​in each ​pack, these​ sanitary napkins⁤ are easy to‍ use and dispose of. Simply cut the shorts from the sides after use⁢ and wrap them up before discarding. Remember to store ‍them in ⁢a clean area and consult a doctor if you experience any​ skin issues. ‍Don’t wait​ any longer to experience the comfort and ⁢protection of the KAO Laurier Sanitary Napkin Super Guard Shorts Type – try them‍ out ‌for yourself today!

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In-Depth Analysis⁤ and Performance

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When it comes ‍to the KAO Laurier Sanitary Napkin Super Guard Shorts ⁣Type, we were ​impressed by its ​innovative design that​ offers⁤ maximum absorbency exactly where you need it.⁤ The overnight shorts type pad is a game-changer‌ for those looking for extra protection during the night. The ⁢material feels like cotton, ‍providing the ultimate discretion ​while​ wearing it.

One standout feature of this product is its perfect⁣ fit for ⁣the curves of the body. This ensures comfort while wearing the pad,‌ without any unnecessary shifting or discomfort. We also appreciate​ the‌ easy disposal after use – simply cut the shorts from the sides and discard appropriately. For those looking for a reliable and discreet overnight sanitary napkin, this product is a must-try. Check it out on Amazon for more information and to make a purchase.


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When⁤ it comes to sanitary napkins, comfort⁤ and absorbency are key factors to consider. The KAO ‍Laurier Sanitary Napkin Super‌ Guard Shorts Type is a game changer in the⁤ world of ‌feminine⁤ hygiene products. We were pleasantly surprised‌ by the level of⁢ absorbency these pads ‍offer, especially during overnight use. The shorts type design provides extra protection right where you need it, giving you peace of mind ‍and keeping you feeling fresh all night long.

The cotton-like ⁣material ⁣used ⁣in these pads makes them comfortable⁣ and discreet, fitting perfectly ⁤to the ⁢curves of your body.⁤ Plus, the easy-to-use design ‍allows for simple removal and ⁢disposal. Overall, we highly recommend the KAO Laurier ​Sanitary Napkin‍ Super Guard​ Shorts Type for those looking for a reliable and absorbent option for their feminine hygiene needs.

Customer Reviews Analysis

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Customer Reviews⁤ Analysis

After analyzing several customer reviews for the KAO ​Laurier Super Guard Shorts, we have gathered some⁢ valuable insights that may help you make an informed decision about this product. Here’s what some ‌customers have to say:

Review Summary
Excelente para dormir sin molestia, me ⁢encanta Great for comfortable ‍sleep without any hassle
Very useful sanitary napkins, very convenient. I am very happy with this purchase. Convenient and useful product that brings happiness
A wonderful period‌ product High praise for being a wonderful product for periods
This product ⁢is the only wearable pads that I can count on⁤ the market. It always works ⁤for sleeping overnight. No leakage… Reliable product ‌for overnight‌ usage with ⁣high absorbency
I’m so impressed! These are so comfortable & stretchy. Thick & soft padding for extra heavy⁢ nights (or days honestly)… Impressive comfort and absorbency for heavy ​nights
Perfect for heavy‍ nights. Comfy, great absorbency, no more leaks. Great for heavy nights with ⁤no ‌leaks
I can comfortably wear this all night without worry. It’s breathable, ⁤absorbent, & dry… Comfortable and breathable product with excellent absorbency
I used to have‍ to watch how I sleep during my ⁤heavy flow ⁣nights, tried ​all different types of over night pads but still afraid to move around… Reliable product for heavy flow nights with worry-free sleep
Ich habe häufig eher sintflutartige Blutungen und bin deshalb ein großer⁤ Fan… Positive ⁢feedback ‌on ⁤absorbency and fit,⁢ with some environmental concerns
Got my hands on this amazing sanitary napkin which goes all day long and it is extremely ⁣soft and comfortable… High praise⁣ for all-day comfort and absorbency
昼夜問わずドバドバ出てくる系の人間なので、もうコレ無しじゃ生きていけません。無敵の安心感があります。 Positive review in Japanese expressing the​ unbeatable peace of mind provided by the product
Ich bin⁢ sehr zufrieden mit der Qualität! Satisfied customer with the quality of the product

From‌ the reviews‌ above, it⁣ is clear that⁣ the KAO Laurier⁣ Super⁣ Guard Shorts ⁤are highly regarded for​ their absorbency, comfort, and reliability for overnight usage. While some‌ customers noted that the product may ⁢look bulky ​and lack aesthetic appeal, ‌the majority praised its functionality and performance. If⁤ you are looking for a sanitary napkin with ultimate absorbency and comfort, the KAO‌ Laurier Super Guard Shorts may be a suitable choice for you.

Pros & Cons

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Pros & Cons:


  1. Ultimate absorbency for overnight protection
  2. Innovative shorts type‍ design for added coverage
  3. Cotton-like material for discreet wear
  4. Perfect fit for the curves of​ the body
  5. Helps keep you fresh⁢ and dry throughout the night


  1. Not ​ideal ⁤for‌ daytime use due to bulky⁤ design
  2. May be difficult to⁣ cut and dispose of after‍ use
  3. Not suitable for​ flushing ⁣down the toilet
  4. May cause skin irritation in⁤ some individuals
  5. Limited availability in some regions


Q: Are the KAO Laurier Super Guard ⁣Shorts comfortable to wear overnight?
A: Yes, the‌ KAO⁢ Laurier Super Guard Shorts are designed for ultimate absorbency overnight, so you can rest easy knowing ⁢you’re protected.

Q: Can I ‌wear these sanitary ⁤napkin shorts ‍during the ⁣day?
A: While the⁢ KAO Laurier Super Guard ⁤Shorts ⁤are ⁣specifically designed​ for overnight wear, you can certainly wear them during the day if you feel you need extra protection.

Q: How discreet are these shorts type sanitary‍ napkins?
A: The KAO Laurier‌ Super Guard Shorts are made with a cotton-like material for⁤ the ultimate in‌ discretion, so you can wear them⁢ with confidence.

Q: How should I dispose of the KAO Laurier Super Guard Shorts after use?
A: After use, ‌simply cut the shorts​ from the sides and wrap them before discarding them in the‌ trash. Do not dispose of ⁢them in the toilet.

Q: Are there any special care instructions for storing the KAO Laurier Super Guard Shorts?
A: To keep your⁤ sanitary napkins clean and sanitary, store them in a clean area until you’re ready to use them.

Q: Can the KAO Laurier Super ⁤Guard ​Shorts‍ cause skin issues?
A: While the KAO Laurier Super Guard Shorts are designed for comfort and absorbency, it’s always best to consult with a doctor if‌ you experience any skin issues while using sanitary napkins.

Unleash Your True Potential

Overall, we were thoroughly impressed by the performance of the ‌KAO Laurier ​Super ⁣Guard ⁢Shorts. Its ultimate absorbency and comfortable fit make it‌ a top choice for overnight protection. The innovative shorts design provides ⁤added coverage where you need it most,⁤ and​ the discreet cotton-like material keeps you ‌feeling fresh all night long. Don’t hesitate to‌ try out the KAO⁢ Laurier Super Guard Shorts for yourself!

If you’re interested in experiencing⁢ the ultimate‍ absorbency of the KAO Laurier​ Super Guard Shorts, click here to ⁤purchase⁤ your own ‍5-piece pack now!

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