Rev Up Your Ride: TAO 49cc/50cc Street Legal Scooter Review

If you’re ⁤in the market for a sleek and efficient mode of transportation, ​look no further than the TAO 49cc / 50cc street legal fully automatic ⁣scooter ⁤moped with a⁣ Matching trunk. We recently had the opportunity to ​test out this versatile scooter and we were​ thoroughly impressed by its performance and style.

From the moment it arrived in ⁤a metal crate, we⁤ knew we were in for a treat. The scooter comes​ in a ‌variety of eye-catching‍ colors, including Black, Blue, Red, Green, and Pink, so you can choose the one that best fits your personality. The included rear trunk is perfect‍ for quick trips to the store ⁤and the easy-to-use controls make riding a breeze.

With a 49cc/50cc engine that can reach speeds of ‌up to 35 mph, this scooter is ideal for running ‌errands around town or simply enjoying a leisurely ride on the open road. Plus, the incredible fuel economy means you’ll save money ‌on gas ‍while reducing your carbon footprint.

Whether ⁤you’re a seasoned rider or new ⁤to‌ the world of scooters, the TAO 49cc / 50cc ⁤street legal​ fully automatic scooter moped‌ with a Matching trunk is sure to⁣ impress. So why wait? Choose your color and hit the road in style today!

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Overview of the TAO 49cc⁢ / 50cc Scooter Moped with Matching Trunk

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The​ TAO 49cc / 50cc Scooter Moped with Matching Trunk is an excellent⁣ option for those looking for a convenient and efficient mode of transportation. With a 4-stroke, air ⁢cooled engine that generates approximately 2.1 horsepower, this scooter can carry loads up to 225 pounds while still achieving over 100 miles per gallon. It can reach speeds ⁤of ⁣up to 31 to 35 mph, depending on the terrain and rider ​weight, making it ideal for​ running errands⁢ around town.

The ⁤scooter’s sleek aerodynamic⁣ styling and vibrant‍ color choices make it a head-turner on the road. Equipped with front and rear hand brakes, ‍10-inch steel rims, hydraulic suspension, and fully automatic⁣ CVT belt-driven transmission, handling this scooter is a breeze. The ​included rear trunk adds convenience ⁣for quick trips ⁣to the grocery store, while the dash mounted controls, such as the electric start and⁣ speedometer, make riding easy and⁤ fun. Choose from a variety of ⁤colors like Red, Black, Blue, Pink, Orange,​ and Green to suit‍ your style. Experience the joy of riding with the TAO 49cc / 50cc Scooter Moped with Matching Trunk and get yours today! Check it ‍out on Amazon!

Premium Features and Highlights of the‌ TAO ‌Scooter Moped

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When it comes to the , we⁣ were blown away by‍ the convenience and style it offers. The sleek, aerodynamic styling and vibrant ⁢color choices‌ make this scooter a ⁢real head-turner on the streets. With options ‍in⁣ Red, Black, Blue, Pink, Orange, and ​Green, you⁣ can choose a color that truly represents your personality.

What stands out the ​most ​are the convenient features like the included rear ‍trunk, which is perfect for those quick trips to the grocery store. The easy-to-use dash mounted controls, along ⁢with front and ‍rear⁢ hand brakes, 10 inch steel rims, hydraulic suspension, ​and fully automatic CVT, belt-driven​ transmission, make handling a breeze. Plus, with a powerful 49cc/50cc‌ engine​ that delivers smooth handling and impressive fuel economy (over 100 miles per gallon!), this scooter⁢ is both fun and practical for running errands ⁣around ⁣town. Ready to upgrade your ride? Check out the TAO Scooter Moped on Amazon today!

In-depth Insights and Analysis​ of ‍the TAO 49cc / 50cc Scooter Moped

Our in-depth analysis⁤ of the TAO 49cc / ⁢50cc‌ Scooter Moped revealed a sleek and stylish vehicle that ‌is sure to turn heads on the road.⁢ The scooter comes in a variety of​ vibrant colors, including ⁤Red, Black, Blue, Pink, Orange, and Green,‍ allowing you to choose the perfect match​ for your‌ personality. The fully automatic transmission ⁤and hydraulic suspension make handling a breeze, while the 10-inch steel ‍rims add stability to your ride. With convenient features like front and rear hand brakes, an electric⁤ start, and a twist throttle, this ⁤scooter is easy to operate and perfect for running errands around town. Plus, the included rear trunk provides extra storage space for quick trips to the grocery store.

The 49cc/50cc engine delivers a smooth ride and excellent fuel economy, achieving over 100 miles per gallon. With ⁤approximately 2.1 horsepower, this ⁤scooter can handle loads ⁢up to 225 ⁤pounds and reach​ speeds of ⁤31 to 35 mph ⁢depending on terrain and rider weight. The scooter is completely street legal and comes with‌ a 30-day warranty for defective parts replacement, ensuring your peace of mind with your purchase. Overall, the TAO ‍Scooter Moped offers a fun and convenient way to get around town, with a stylish design⁣ and reliable performance. Ready to upgrade your ride? Click here to get your own TAO Scooter Moped today!

Our Recommendations for Choosing the Best Color and Customizing​ Your TAO Scooter Moped

When choosing the best color ‍for your ‍TAO scooter moped, consider the vibrant options available to you. Whether you prefer a sleek Black, a bold Blue,‌ a fiery Red, a playful Pink, or a vibrant ​Green, there is a color to​ match ⁣your unique style.⁤ Stand out on the road with a⁤ scooter that turns heads⁢ and showcases your ⁤personality. The‌ included rear⁤ trunk adds convenience for quick trips to the‌ grocery store or running errands⁢ around town. With convenient dash mounted ⁣controls like electric start, speedometer, and light and turn signal switches, riding is made fun and easy.

For customization options, think about how you can make your scooter moped uniquely yours. Whether you opt for a matching trunk or additional accessories to enhance your riding experience, there are ‌ways to personalize your ⁤scooter to fit your needs. The scooter’s features, such as front and rear hand brakes, 10 inch steel rims, ⁢hydraulic suspension, and⁣ fully automatic CVT belt-driven ‍transmission, make‍ handling a breeze. With a powerful ‍49cc/50cc engine providing smooth handling and impressive fuel economy, you can enjoy up to 100 miles per gallon while ⁢traveling at speeds of ⁣31‌ to ⁢35 mph. Embark on your next adventure with a scooter that offers both ‌practicality and style. Experience the joy of riding with ‍our TAO scooter ‍moped‍ – choose⁣ your color and customize your ride today! Check it out here!

Customer Reviews Analysis

Customer Reviews Analysis

After reviewing multiple customer reviews,​ we can see that opinions on the TAO 49cc/50cc street legal scooter vary. Here’s a breakdown of the ⁤key points:

Positive⁤ Reviews:

Review Key Points
“The Scooter came well packed…” Easy assembly, good customer service, runs‍ well
“It’s a great product…” Great gas mileage, good for daily commute
“Bought this for my wife…” Awesome ⁤price, easy storage and transportation
“This moped shipped faster…” Easy assembly for beginners
“I’m still breaking it ⁢in…” Nice⁣ ride

Negative Reviews:

Review Key Points
“When it arrived the side rail‌ was broken…” Long wait for replacement‌ part, slow scooter
“Did not like having to put it together…” No instructions⁣ provided, delays in paperwork for registration

Overall, the TAO 49cc/50cc scooter​ seems to offer good value for the price, with some customers praising its ‌performance, gas mileage, and ease of⁣ assembly. However, there are concerns regarding delivery‍ damages, delays in paperwork for registration, and customer service for ⁣replacement parts.

Pros & Cons

Pros ⁤& Cons


  • Convenient rear trunk for storage
  • Easy to use dash mounted controls
  • Street legal​ with front and rear hand brakes
  • Smooth handling and great fuel economy
  • Eye-catching design with vibrant color choices


Pros: Convenience
Cons: Warranty limitations

Overall, the TAO 49cc/50cc Street Legal Scooter offers a lot of convenience and ⁢style for your daily transportation needs. Just ⁤keep in mind the limitations of the ⁢warranty and be‌ sure to take proper care of your scooter for long-lasting enjoyment!


Q: Is the TAO 49cc/50cc street legal scooter easy to assemble?
A: Yes, the scooter comes brand new inside a metal crate in a box,‌ making ‌assembly a breeze. However, we recommend adult ⁤supervision at all times during assembly.

Q: What⁤ kind of warranty does the scooter come with?
A: Your purchase will have a 30-day warranty for replacement of ‍defective parts. Please ⁢note that accidents, ⁤abuse, neglect, labor, and mechanic work needed for the warranty are not included.

Q: ⁢What is the maximum weight capacity of the scooter?
A: The scooter can pull loads up to 225 pounds, making it suitable for a wide range of riders.

Q: How fast can the scooter go?
A: The 49cc/50cc engine generates approximately 2.1 horsepower, allowing the scooter to reach speeds between 31 to 35 mph depending on terrain and rider weight.

Q: Can the scooter handle city traffic and long commutes?
A: The scooter is fully street legal and equipped with front and rear hand brakes, ⁤steel​ rims, hydraulic ⁣suspension, and a fully⁣ automatic CVT transmission for easy ⁣handling. It is a great choice for ​running errands around town or commuting short distances.

Q: What colors are available for the scooter?
A: The scooter comes in a variety of vibrant colors including red, black, blue,‌ pink, orange, and green. Stand out on the road with⁤ your ⁣choice of color!

Unlock Your⁣ Potential

As we conclude our review of the⁣ TAO 49cc/50cc Street Legal Scooter, we hope you have found all the information you ‍need to make an informed decision about this fantastic product. With its sleek design, convenient features, and incredible fuel economy, ⁢this scooter is sure to rev up your ride and turn heads wherever you go.

If you’re ready to hit the streets in style,​ don’t hesitate to click here to get your ‍hands on the ‍TAO 49cc/50cc Street‌ Legal ⁣Scooter with‍ a matching trunk in your ⁣favorite color. Trust us, you ​won’t be disappointed!

Get your TAO scooter now and experience the convenience and fun of this amazing ride.

Rev Up Your Ride with the TAO 49cc/50cc ⁢Street Legal⁣ Scooter now!

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