West Indies Test Series

West Indies Test Series Tour of India

With the recent West Indies tour concluded of India, there is much to say about the kind of opponent they provided for India. Though the series did result in a defeat for them, the West […]

Sharp vs. Square in Online Betting

Sharp vs. Square in Online Betting

There is a lot of odd vocabulary and strange lingo in the world of sports betting. The wagers have funny names like teasers, pleasers, and parlays. The process has business-like terms like sharp money, hedges, […]

Handicapping in Sports Betting

What Is Handicapping?

One of the more popular sports betting terms you’ll hear these days is handicapping. It is actually a rather old term and has been thrown around for years. However, it is also one of the […]

Michigan Sports Betting

Michigan Sports Betting Taking Off

Recently the Michigan sports betting scene added two more reputable sportsbooks and casino gaming operators to the fold. Both PointsBet and Fox Bet, which are in The Stars Group (TSG), have partnered up with tribes […]

Hedge Bet

What Is A Hedge Bet?

There are many instruments sports bettors use to give themselves an edge over the sportsbook. They track odds and spreads. They develop betting systems to increase their payouts and winning percentages. Sports bettors will do […]

Sports Betting Odds

How To Read Sports Betting Odds

When it comes to sports betting, knowing how to read the odds is of the utmost importance. Obviously, having the winner is great and by far the most important factor, but understanding the payout is […]

Offshore Betting

What Is Offshore Betting?

For years now, or really since the invention of the internet, offshore betting has been the main forum for sports gamblers in the United States. Operating in the grey area of U.S. law, offshore betting […]