For the sake of gambling, sports betting, and for a whole range of other related accessories, look no further than this site. FreeSuperTips is a one-stop hub for all your queries, tips, and tricks you can make use of instantly. For sports betting news, the best tip of the day, and even accumulator tips you can rely on this simple and reliable place on the internet. With a complete list of featured match predictions, one-click ease of information, eSports news, and free bets and offers, here you shall find loads of information in different categories. Not just that, this keeps updating several times during the day for the; latest piece of crucial information for your betting needs.

The site hosted under the name FreeSuperTips is a small enterprise and has a Facebook page and an email to receive all types of queries. Aiming for a single parallax-scrolling webpage for the main landing page, with a list of all sports at the bottom and tips for the same, in a 2 column format, it is easy to navigate. If you just keep scrolling down, you will receive all the news and important items without fail. The goal of the writers at FreeSuperTips is to not let you miss a single bet.


When talking about tips, predictions, user queries, matches, and more, it is always a good idea to separate the information and their relevant updates into categories. You shall find the same in FreeSuperTips as well. There are two ways you can dive straight into them, one at the top of the menu bar and the other at the bottom of the landing page.

The one at the bottom is the most concise and precise, at the same time. It has two parts, in a two-column format, as we just spoke about above. There are two categories: All Sports, All Football Tips.

This is because the entire site is primarily focused on these games and their tips. The betting and predictions are also mainly focused on these games. Apart from football, they also cover other sports like darts, rugby, snooker, and even tennis. But, football seems to be the most popular among its fans, and that is why it has its separate direct links. Then, under the All Football Tips, you shall discover a whole list of different categories as well. This is for further hierarchical separation and ease of reading.

  1. Match Predictions
  2. Bet of the Day
  3. Accumulator Tips
  4. Daily Double Tips
  5. Daily Treble Tips
  6. Over 2.5Goals Tips
  7. Correct Score Tips
  8. In-Play Tips and more

If you break them down and try to understand, you shall see that they cover all the most popular sports betting types and games that fans indulge in. For example, if you want to bet for the “Daily Double Game”, using the tips under this category will help you decide better and place your money wisely. Having the latest information at once glance is more useful than having to distill it all by yourself.

User Interface for Navigating FreeSuperTips

The UI of any website dictates how fast visitors can access the information they are looking for and how well they work on web browsers. The primary concern of any website is to work properly and seamlessly across desktop, laptop, and mobile devices. The ability for a big website that looks well on the 1920×980 screen of a desktop or the wide-screen 16:9 monitors measuring 21 inches in width should also work properly on a smartphone with a 6.7inch screen size. This big difference can make or break a website. If you are not able to browse and navigate the website in various modes, it is not going to attract many visitors.

FreeSuperTips is a modern website that is built using the latest web technologies. The breakup of categories is simple. There is a single menu bar at the top with the below categories.

  • Football Tips – their primary bread and butter for the site.
  • Predictions – of various matches during the day.
  • Free Bets – is a new and novel area where they offer info for free without memberships.
  • A-Z Sports Tips – is a more comprehensive area of all tips together.
  • Leagues – is a primary place for all leagues and matches.
  • Sports News – is a conglomerate of all sports-related news only.

Now, the UI is kept pretty simple as you can see above. If you click on either of the sections, they don’t overlap and you can get to what you exactly are looking for. But, if you wish not to click on so many items one by one, simply scrolling down like a big single-page web page, you will still receive all the information at one glance. You don’t have to load several web pages and this makes it very easy for one-handed browsing through a small smartphone.

Using FreeSuperTips via one-handed mode is the best way to browse any website, specifically, when you spend considerable time through the news and tips. Having the best of all the information, sorted and managed for the viewing is an important thing. As you scroll down, you can first see the league predictions, per match, and you can see today’s tips on the right column. You also find today’s free tips. This is followed by today’s latest sports news. Then, you have the best bets and offers of the day from several sports betting sites.

Convenience & Usability of FreeSuperTips

Once you are done with the above sections, you can scroll down to the more detailed sections. This is where the welcome page of the site appears. FreeSuperTips is fueled by tipsters with professional experience, those who work closely with bookies, and finding values for betting through years of experience. Irrespective of being a seasoned sports-loving fan or an analytics engineer, there is always something for you. If you wish to have the perfect accumulator, you can get it here.

If you are tired of losing money at bookies, with the tips directory and Yellowpages of sports betting tips, you can use the in-depth statistical analysis and understand how football leagues across the world work. Their punters provide you with winners and boost your chances. You don’t have to work or stress enough, and just use them right off the bat.

At any time, they have over 500 GBP of customer offers on their FREE BETS page, which is something you should not miss in any case.


  • The website works well for the intended purpose.
  • Services like the “featured match predictions” and “tip of the day” are the most popular items of the entire itinerary.
  • It is available worldwide and users can get games of the biggest matches and leagues.
  • The overviews and work put into the latest updates, categories, and sections are very thoughtful.


  • There is little to no info on the company, except their Facebook page.
  • You do not get an “About Us” page except a small welcome paragraph.


If any website has a simple construction and acts as a one-stop hub for the latest news, tips, and bets, FreeSuperTips is one of them. The site is constructed beautifully and a lot of work has been put into designing the user experience. However, it lacks info on the workforce and engineers behind the facts and figures. We do not know much about the team and their authenticity from their website alone.