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Futbol24 live scores

Futbol24Offering the fastest and most reliable live score service, Futbol24 is a subsidiary of Sportlink Limited. It is a small company based in the UK and offers sports betting assistance. Players like Bet365 are given space for advertising on their sites to make revenue, which otherwise is a free service. No registration or anything, just browse the site, look for your favorite team, and check the live scores.


The first thing that you will notice when going to their site is a long list of tables with various leagues arranged in 3 columns and several rows. Below that, you have two panels, one for last-minute games, and the other for recent scores. This pretty much sums it up. On this website, you can get and find any information related to sports scores instantly. It is reliable and swift.

In other words, browsers can explore live score information about soccer matches in over 2000 leagues worldwide. The catalog is exhaustive literally. For each of these leagues, including competitions, Futbol24 will show you a comprehensive chart or table that includes matches played, points earned, goal difference, and any other miscellaneous info if available. There are also statistics on individual matches as well as prior pre-matches, trial matches between teams. Futbol24 is a one-stop, perhaps the most comprehensive, solution for score watchers, betters, and live streaming betting.

Futbol24 Nigeria

The country has tremendous energy and support for soccer, and almost 70% of the market runs on Bet9ja, BetKing, and SportyBet like sports betting franchises. These offer a single dramatic kind of service: live betting, in-play betting, or live streaming bets. What it means in simple terms is that players can now place bets on single strikes, penalty, goals, anything they wish to during the game. The bet is not just on who will win, but also on the highest number of goals, above or below scores, best player and so on. Nigeria has the Lagos Lotteries Board that manages the licensing and all other regulatory formalities of online sports betting agencies.

Futbol24 is a premier service where players and better can access the latest and accurate information on live scores, goals, points, and so on. If you browse here you can find a list of dozens of leagues. At the same time, over on the left side panel, you can select Nigeria from the ‘Competitions’ menu of matches listed by countries.

Live streaming score services for soccer is a blessing for online betting agencies and this why they advertise on each other’s landing pages. At the time of writing, Futbol24 is hosting ads from 1XBet, bet365, on top, right, and left banners 24×7. While 1XBet offers up to 100 Euros on first deposit as a bonus, bet365 also entices with a surprise offer if you create a new account with them.

Betting Agencies & Futbol24

Nigeria, Tanzania, Kenya are growing countries within Africa that have accepted online betting on soccer and various format football sports. On Futbol24, you can get a complete calendar of future matches, sorted by date, sorted by countries, and sorted by teams. There is a wealth of information on this site that makes it a glorious target for ads and campaigns. In fact, on the very top menu of the site, you can see the ‘Advertisement’ link that opens up to a new page for additional details.

At the time of writing 1XBET and bet365 were the only active ads. Below is a list of their offers.

  • Bet365

It Claims itself as the world’s favorite bookie, and the No1 in sports betting. It offers an extensive library of live streaming services and a great account opening offer for new users

  • 1XBET

Right away promises a 100% bonus on your 1st deposit. It advertises the highest odds and widest lines available at any other platform, free football live streaming, and more.

Usability & UI

The user experience and reliability of using their services on desktop sites and mobile make a huge difference. As Nigerians are increasingly becoming mobile, smartphone purchases have risen steadily. As per Statista, in 2018 their mobile internet users were 25.2% which is projected to grow up to 34% by the next year, 2022. Of this, many are laptop users, desktop users, and the active internet user population in Nigeria is supposed to be 187 million by next year. This is a huge number and betting companies and services are trying to adapt to the new demographics.

By fostering mobile-optimized services that work seamlessly on smaller screens, companies like Bet9ja, SportyBet are expanding their market share rapidly. Futbol24 has also adopted a similar strategy. Its UI is simplistic and designed keeping both desktop and mobile usage in mind. The hierarchical layout is longitudinal that allows for more use of vertical space than horizontal space. As smartphones have screens in aspect ratios that are vertically longer than width, it is the best-suited UI layout.


For most parts, everything on the website is available at the front of the webpage. You don’t have to look for long to locate anything, whether a menu bar, login link, competition browser, live bet link as they are all neatly present in a clutter-free layout. The design is simple to use on both a desktop and a smartphone.

The top corner has the language change dialog where Futbol24 is offered in Spanish, English, Dutch, Polish, and two more languages. The navigation is simple and intuitive, and best for a small and tidy website like Futbol24.

Customer Support & Help

Another important criterion that sets an online service apart is their customer support. Though Futbol24 is a consumer-only site, meaning it does not sell anything, no payment or transactions are required and distributes all information for free, it still has a contact us page. On clicking on this page, you get a dialog box with a form to fill up. There, you can write your queries and send them away. They promise a 1-day response unless something is really an issue.

With Futbol24, there is no need for the ‘Help’ section or tutorials at all because it does not deal with such affairs. There is nothing to learn like ‘How to Activate Your Bonus’ or any other such information and therefore, it is good to go.

Pros & Cons

Here is a list of good and can-be-better things about the site.


  • Futbol24 works seamlessly and offers a long list, over 2000 leagues of soccer worldwide;
  • It works on both desktops and smartphones, even with slow internet;
  • IT does not have horrible popup ads, invisible links and redirects and so on;


It can’t think of anything yet unless there are issues with customer support.

Final Verdict on Futbol24

Perhaps, one of the most comprehensive stores of live football scores service, Futbol24 serves its purpose really well. It goes with the ‘Quality First’ motto and includes as many titles, competitions, leagues, formats possible. It allows users to find their favorite matches by the team, country, and so on. In all, it has taken a lot of care in designing a website that is clutter-free, offers the right things in the right places, in a hassle-free way. You don’t get lost if you want something, as it is right there in front of you all the time.