Betting on Politics and Entertainment

Betting on Politics

In any sportsbook worth your time and money, you should be allowed to wager on just about anything. This is especially true these days, as sports gambling is evolving more and more all the time. Evolving so much, in fact, that it has moved into the politics and entertainment spaces with relative ease.

Sports gambling is popular first and foremost because people are fans of sports. The way elections and award shows are covered these days, even more fandom abounds. Fan is short for fanatic, after all, and no one knows this better than sportsbooks.

Prop Bets are Prop Bets

The prop bet, short for proposition bet, has been available in sportsbooks for years now but has recently picked up more steam. The popularity of the Super Bowl is mostly to blame, as sportsbooks have been very creative in recent years with their props.

Moving over to the political and entertainment realm was really just a matter of time considering this creativity. A prop bet is a prop bet and can be applied to any type of competition, even outside of sports.

Same Value Rules Apply

Just as with any prop bet, the house is going to carry a solid advantage. Much more so than any other typical wager. Of course, this advantage is reflected in the odds as there is still plenty of value to be found by knowledgeable gamblers, even on unconventional competitions such as an awards show or mid-term election.

Every gambler has a system they apply to their wagers to find proper value, and the same can be applied to politics and entertainment. After all, at the end of the day, all we are looking for is a probability worth an investment, and there is plenty of it to be found in just about anything.

Futures Markets

The best politics and entertainment betting value can be found in the proposition futures wagers. With these types of wagers, the value is easier to spot, as the results in question will give you fewer options with realistic odds.

And they look exactly like any other futures market. If you study up, you’ll notice the futures odds for Oscar for Picture of the Year and Super Bowl champion look very similar in the month of December. After all, Oscar buzz starts about the same time the NFL playoffs kick-off.


When you are playing politics and entertainment markets, you’re going to have to do your research, just like any other wagering market. Successful sports gamblers do their research. They know what teams are hot, which players are injured, and who leads any head-to-head series.

It’s these little bits of knowledge which lead to informed wagers. Every wager you place should be an informed wager because if it isn’t, you’re just playing the lottery.

Study the history of elections and senate seats, the Oscars, and the Grammys. You have to know your subjects to be successful.

A Little Can Go A Long Way

Like any proposition wager, it is best to keep your stake light. These types of wagers are longshots in nature and don’t need to be exasperated with heavy wagers looking for a big score.

A little can still go a long way and still be a smart wager. Getting 10-to-1 odds, 20-to-1 odds, and even 30-to-1 odds are pretty good odds. Don’t make the mistake of investing too much.