Free predictions of future games, odds and results of matches are a game on its own. Yesterday, today, tomorrow is three-time slots and the prediction works only on these. Betensured is an online platform that helps sports betting and normal gambling fans try their luck for some money. As with other games, soccer, football is the most loved sport in the list. Thousands of leagues are listed to be followed.

Betensured is a small company that operates with a small but dedicated team. In Nigeria, their headquarter is located at Kay’s Cout, Lagos. Betensured is a small but wonderful place; just looking at their website reminds us of several good things starting with a neat and clean presentation. The design is clutter-free and the responsiveness is fluent. IN short, Betensured is a Nigerian company that operates in the sports section and does a whole lot of work in betting tips, sport news analysis, statistics, and so on.


When you do Betensured, you shall find that the information and its services are divided into three categories: Free, Basic, and Premium. They are listed with different names and titles and you can click on any one of them to learn more. However, you have to be a member and log in if you want to visit these websites. Among its offerings, if you open a new account, you are sure to get up to a 100% bonus on your first deposit. Besides other promotions, this is a welcome bonus promotion that strikes a chord with other competitors as well, such as, Bet9ja, BetKing, and so on.

There are Free Expert Predictions in addition to that, every day. It is available for Football, specifically, and for other sports as well. As mentioned above, Nigerians love football and have a special place for it in their hearts. Thus, most online sports betting operators that function here, also take a note of it. The UI, services, and promos are tailored to the demographics.

The predictions that happen on Betensured are compiled by a third party called ExpertM icon, and similarly, a lot of third parties work on this and that, bits and pieces. To allow us to review the company and its services, we have to look at other things too.

The UI for All at Betensured

At this site, once you land you can appreciate the small neat and tidy presentation. With this presentation, a handful of options, drop-down menus that are not too long, there is something for all. The important part of the UI is the link to “How to Pay” because it is crucial for people to know the kind of options that are available, the terms and conditions. If someone is betting, there are only two questions: how to deposit the money and how to withdraw the money.

Betensured also follows its own way to figure out the right method for you. It will present you with a form and you need to fill it up. It accepts a wide range of payment options including PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, Verve, MPesa, and even Airtel Money. With all this, at the bottom of the website’s webpage, there are bundles of useful links and support centers.

They contain information on the following:

  • How to make payments and withdrawals;
  • Mail updates and policies;
  • FAQs about using the website;
  • The pricing plan for their services;
  • General terms and conditions;

Betensured means fun and football, and nothing says it more than online betting legends.

The company, Betensured, claims to become an all-rounder entertainment location for players, betters, and entertainment seeking individuals. Football is fun, and that is all. It is an aggressive and adrenaline-pumping sport throughout the game. For 90 minutes, everything is on the edge. When there is a rousing victory or a crushing defeat, with some level of guidance and proper analysis of the steps, betting is a highly rewarding venture. If you know your players and football, you can make a ton of money.

With accurate predictions and profits that sustain over a longer-term, Betensured even runs promotions that endures up to 5 wins per day.

Betensured Membership Benefits

There are more than a couple of membership plans suitable for various types of users. Starting with a free plan, there is also basic, premium, and all the way up to the football platinum plan. Each of these memberships has its own merits, such as 2 weeks of premium 8 days of tip genius $60. Expert advisor, tip genius are services that help betters make bets on winning profits. They ensure that your bet wins by basing the analysis on scores and accurate figures. With proper calculations, insight, it is possible to make a prediction, and Betensured ensures that the Platinum Members take a good chunk of it.

Agency & Affiliates

To become an agent, you also have to work closely with Betensured. It helps young minds to learn art and make money with simple steps. They promise immediate payouts, high commission rates, marketing support, and an excellent affiliate program that teaches people to do their job really well. Free marketing material helps them nurture their talent, understand the business model, and emerge with profit-making strategies for the future.

The moment you join their affiliate program, you are authorized to sell Betensured plans, and start receiving 50% commission, which is great and competitive in the market.

Usability & Reliability

When using a website, that mainly entertains online services, it must work properly on various devices, small and big screens, desktop, and mobile phones. From a design point of view, Betensured has a single website that works for both places. It works on mobile browsers as well on desktop browsers. It is designed longitudinally, with a longer webpage than a wider appearance. In this manner, it optimizes the layout for smaller screens.

In terms of usability, the navigation is simple, the arrangements of links are good, and the placement is clear and not chaotic. You can find something easily within a few clicks on the website. Every important link such as making deposits, FAQs, Help section are all right in front of you all the time. Running predictions, looking at matches results, and so on are also at the center.

The UI makes it a great way to interact.


  • It works well for the purpose, football is fun and betting on matches;
  • Services like prediction tip genius help betters endure that win with lesser risks and guaranteed wins. It separates this site from others in the market, with customer-friendly features;
  • Betensured gives an overview of results right at the top, making it easier to view the highlights;


  • There is little info about the origin, history, and other details, but it is not that important;
  • There is a lack of items for other sports, but that was never the strong feature anyway;

Final Verdict: Betensured

Based in Lagos, Nigeria, this new company has been trying to make a difference through tailored services. IT runs different statistics, sports match analysis to make accurate predictions of various topics. By using these stats, it helps betters bet and win money, for sure. Due to this, it leases membership plans to join monthly updates, and help them on winning bets. All these make it a unique sports betting site for Nigerians.