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If you are looking for a competitive sports betting site for your favorite football matches, Bet9ja should be on your list. It may not be the only one but over the past few years, Bet9ja has grown into one of the leading online betting sites in Nigeria. It is homegrown and based in Nigeria, which is a thing to be proud of.

Humble Beginnings of Bet9ja

Lagos, Nigeria has become a hub of development in the country. In the past few years, a decade maybe, technology has advanced and brought the country online. The penetration of the digital world on smartphones and laptops have also allowed online casinos, gambling software makers and app developers to expand their markets in this new demographic. Bet9ja was founded in late 2013 in Nigeria by Kunle Somane and Ayo Ojuroye. Today, 7 years after its establishment, the company has grown into one of the premier online betting sites in the country.

It’s headquartered is in Lagos, Nigeria, and is operated from the same place. Starting as an online bookmaker, it is currently estimated to operate at more than 70% of the market share. It is no wonder how a website is written in ASPX and ventured as a Limited Liability Company was successful in making profits and stayed afloat all these years. The answer lies in the 2020-21 forecast of gambling and the online sports betting industry in Nigeria. According to Business Wire, Bet9ja is the top company, at 1st rank, in the country, followed by Betway and Blackbet.

Bet9ja Score – Offerings

With respect to the scores, Bet9ja offers the widest selection of odds from any Nigerian sports event. In comparison to any other sports betting site that operates online, this also ranks at the top. A great selection of races, football matches, and much more is available at this site. On the first look, it doesn’t feel so professional but it manages to do the basic stuff properly.

Whether it is Premier League, Soccer, or Live sports, Bet9ja manages to bring the sports bookmakers to a single platform, on its site. It even has pre-match odds across a wide range of sports in the market.

It is solely focused on providing the highest quality experience to the customers and Nigerian players. The biggest benefit is if they are based in Nigeria, they can serve local players, demographics, and more.

Nigerian love football and this extends to betting and having fun as a means of recreation and competitive gaming. Bet9ja does it best by taking a huge selection of games and allowing players to bet on the go.

 Registration & Bonus

The process at their website is simple. You cannot view races or sports unless you log in. This is an important aspect of the game. When you go over to the website, it looks dull and unprofessional, at least in comparison to modern standards of UI design and color palette choice. But, the underlying process is streamlined and shock-proof that makes it so appealing to players and betters.

There are three steps to start betting on sports.

  1. First, you go to their official site and look for the JOIN NOW link/button, and click on it. This will guide you to create your Bet9ja account. It takes only a matter of minutes to complete the entire process;
  2. Second, you have to add a payment method and verify it. Bet9ja offers more than half a dozen ways to do so. You can use ATM cards, which means debit cards will work too. Then, you have OPay, Quickteller like online platforms. Finally, you can also do Direct Bank Transfer from your account to their account to make a deposit. The Deposit is the first step in betting on anything;
  3. Finally, the 3rd step is Bonus, which is the Welcome Bonus up to 100,000 Nigerian Naira. This is the last step and the welcome bonus is so lucrative that most players use it up the fullest;

Rating Bet9ja mobile among Users

When taking the functionality of the website, its features, and its responsiveness on various devices like smartphones and laptops, we can tell if it is doing well or not. There are not so many review sites here so making an accumulated guess is not possible. However, below are some preliminary results.

  1. Comparing their bonus offer, it is one of the biggest among any other Nigerian online sports betting sites. This rates it very high on the scale;
  2. In terms of betting variety, the site does really well too. It offers soccer, live sports, and other events like racing, superdices, and so on;
  3. When we talk about mobile experience, the compatibility with various devices, iOS, Android, and other platforms, working on slow and fast internet connectivity, various screen sizes are all metrics to take into account. So far, their mobile site works fairly well;
  4. For any online site, customer support is a deal-breaker. If anything goes wrong, there has to be a team to take care of the issues, offer hand-on solutions, and more. Bet9ja ticks most of the boxes right;
  5. The presence and outreach by social media are also important. Bet9ja offers a prompt responsive Twitter and Facebook handle for fans, customers, players, and more;
  6. They offer a wide range of payment options, which makes it a great way to deposit money, withdraw money, and be safe and secure at the same time. Online transactions are very crucial and security is vital;
  7. The betting experience is the final and real deal. After successfully and securely helping you create an account, store confidential information, allowing convenient betting is the key to their growth;

Pros & Cons

The first things you notice about the site might feel unimpressive, but it has a lot of benefits as well. Being homegrown and homebred, Bet9ja has some unique benefits over other players. We list below some of them for easy and quick reference.


  • The most lucrative offering is 100,000 Nigerian Naira that players can get on their first deposit. It is not only flexible but also competitive in the market;
  • Bet9ja offers higher odds, competitive to other players as well. Its odds galore with football with Nigerian players in mind, and have everything from NPFL to English Premier League;
  • It offers first-class user experience to betters, allows for deposits in the regional currency as well, one of the strongest points;
  • Finally, some tutorials help make things simpler and easier for potential customers. It helps them understand the basic rules, processes, and get started with betting in minutes;


The only drawback is that you don’t get a massive range of features that bigger international companies like Betway can offer. They have a big list of developers who make custom games and so on.

Final Verdict: Bet9ja

Bet9ja offers its in-house online casino and makes a difference among competitors. It focuses on Nigerian demographics by allowing local currency, higher welcome bonuses, better connectivity between clients and stakeholders. This has resulted in Bet9ja to become the top player in the online sports betting industry in Nigeria. Today, it maintains over 70% of the market and is growing fast. Certainly, it’s one of the best here.