Alishan Oolong Tea: A Taste of Taiwan’s High Mountains

Welcome to our latest review of the Alishan Oolong Tea Taiwan High Mountain Tea! This exquisite loose leaf tea is a true gem from the high-altitude tea gardens of Taiwan. Hand-picked and carefully selected, the Alishan oolong tea offers a​ unique floral and‍ fruity aroma with​ a touch of frankincense that is both refreshing and long-lasting.

In this blog post, we⁢ will share our first-hand experience with brewing and enjoying this semi-fermented oolong tea. ⁢From the tight hemispherical shape of the tea leaves to the mellow and sweet taste, ‌we will explore ⁤all aspects of this high-quality tea.

So sit back, relax, and join ‍us on a‍ journey to discover the rich flavors and aromas of the Alishan Oolong Tea Taiwan High Mountain Tea. Let’s⁢ dive ‌in and see what ⁣makes this tea so special!

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Our Alishan Oolong Tea is a⁤ delightful semi-fermented tea that offers a unique floral and fruity‌ aroma with a ⁣hint of frankincense. The taste ‍is mellow and sweet, leaving a refreshing and moist sensation in the mouth. ⁣The tea leaves‍ are carefully handpicked from ⁣Taiwan’s high-altitude tea gardens, ensuring the highest quality in⁤ every cup.‍

When brewing ⁣our Alishan Oolong Tea, simply pour about 3-5g of tea leaves ​and add 300-500 ml of boiling water. The ratio of ‌tea to water is ‍approximately 1:100, allowing you to‌ brew it multiple times to enjoy its long-lasting sweetness.​ The traditional techniques used to craft this tea result in tightly-shaped ​hemispherical⁤ leaves that maintain the natural taste ⁣of the tea. Whether you’re at home, in the office, or at a tea ceremony, our Alishan Oolong Tea is the perfect choice for a high-quality tea experience. ⁢Don’t ⁣hesitate to ⁤reach out to us if​ you have‌ any questions – we’re here to help you make the most of your tea journey.⁢ Visit ⁢our product page on Amazon‌ to bring the taste of Taiwan’s high mountains into your home.

Exquisite Aroma and Flavor Profile

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Indulge​ in the of our Alishan Oolong Tea. Handpicked from​ Taiwan’s high-altitude tea ⁤gardens, these loose leaves offer a⁣ unique ⁣floral and fruity aroma with a hint of frankincense that lingers long after brewing. The refreshing and moist mouthfeel coupled ⁢with a‌ mellow​ and sweet taste ⁣make each sip a delightful experience.

Crafted using traditional techniques, our Alishan tea leaves boast a tight hemispherical ⁤shape that preserves ​the ⁢natural ​essence​ of the tea. Brew 3-5g of leaves with 300-500 ml of ‌boiling water, allowing for multiple⁤ infusions. For a cold brew option, ​refrigerate ⁢the tea for 6-8 hours ⁣post-brewing. Perfect for gifting or personal indulgence, our Alishan Oolong Tea guarantees a⁢ premium tea-drinking experience. Elevate your tea rituals with⁣ us⁤ today!

Ready⁤ to experience the exceptional aroma⁣ and flavor of Alishan ‍Oolong Tea? Treat yourself ⁤to​ a package of​ premium loose leaves and savor the high-quality ⁢taste of Taiwan’s high mountain tea gardens. Try it now on Amazon! Shop Here.

Sustainably Grown in Alishan, Taiwan

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Our Alishan Oolong Tea is sustainably grown in the beautiful region of Alishan, Taiwan, in​ high-altitude ​tea gardens. Hand-picked with care,‍ only the highest⁢ quality tea⁤ buds ​are selected to ensure a premium tea experience. The semi-fermented Alishan tea leaves offer a unique floral and fruity aroma, with a hint of frankincense, creating a refreshing and long-lasting taste sensation in​ every cup.

Made‍ using traditional techniques, the tight hemispherical shape of the‌ leaves helps⁢ to ​preserve the natural ⁣flavors,⁣ allowing you to enjoy​ multiple ⁤brews ⁢from the⁢ same leaves. Whether you⁤ are looking for a relaxing⁣ tea moment at home, in the office, or on ​the go, ‌our Alishan Oolong Tea ​is‌ the perfect ⁢choice. Give it a try and experience the ⁣exquisite taste of Taiwanese high mountain tea. ⁢ Order yours now!

How⁢ to Brew the Perfect Cup

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When it comes to brewing the perfect⁤ cup of tea, our ​Alishan oolong tea from Taiwan’s high-altitude tea gardens is​ the ⁣ideal⁢ choice. The semi-fermented oolong tea leaves, once brewed, unleash a​ delightful floral and fruity aroma with ​hints of frankincense. The aroma ‍lingers beautifully, while the taste is refreshingly sweet and mellow, promising a long-lasting sweetness that can be enjoyed through multiple brews.‍ Hand-picked and​ carefully selected, these tea buds⁢ are crafted⁢ using traditional ⁢techniques, ensuring ⁢each cup maintains ⁤the natural essence​ of the tea leaves.

To prepare ⁢this exquisite tea, simply pour 3-5g of​ Alishan into 300-500 ml of boiling water, maintaining a ratio of 1:100 ​for the perfect infusion.‍ The versatility of this tea extends to cold brewing, allowing for a refreshing chilled option after 6-8 hours in the refrigerator. ⁤Whether at home, the ‍office, on​ a journey, or partaking in a tea ceremony, our⁤ Alishan oolong tea promises a premium tea experience with each sip. With ​high-quality tea and elegant packaging, ‍this tea makes for an excellent gift option. Feel free to reach out with any inquiries – ‍we are here to ⁣provide top-notch customer service. Discover the unparalleled quality ‍of Alishan oolong tea today and ⁤elevate your tea-drinking experience. ⁣

Customer Reviews Analysis

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Customer ⁣Reviews Analysis

After carefully analyzing‍ customer reviews for the Alishan Oolong Tea, ‍we‌ have gathered some insights that‌ can​ help you make an informed decision about this product:

Review Analysis
I love my Oolong tea and this ⁢brand is the best ​I’ve been able to find so⁤ far. I absolutely Love this tea! Positive feedback on the taste⁢ and‍ quality of the tea.
Price⁢ too high for this tea also taste not like I expected. Mixed‍ review on price and ​taste. Price is perceived as high,⁣ and taste did ‌not meet expectations.
Although it is a bit pricey, the quality is good. Positive feedback on the quality of​ the tea, despite​ the ⁤high⁤ price.
A very nice oolong ⁣tea that can be re-steeped 2 or 3 times @ 5 minutes each time, which makes it ​very economical. Just a word of ⁣warning though, do not⁢ over-steep as this tea gets very bitter. Positive feedback on the ability ​to re-steep the ⁣tea, making it economical. A warning is given not to over-steep to⁣ avoid bitterness.

Overall, the​ reviews for the Alishan Oolong Tea are a mix of positive and critical ​feedback. ⁣While some customers ⁢appreciate⁢ the taste and quality of the tea, others find the price to ​be too high or the taste not⁤ meeting ​their expectations. It is important to consider these factors before ​making a purchase decision.

Pros &‍ Cons

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Pros & Cons


1.​ Unique Floral and Fruity Aroma
2. Mellow and Sweet Taste
3. Refreshing and Moist⁢ Mouthfeel
4. Can Be Brewed Many Times
5. Long-Lasting Sweetness


1. Higher Price Point
2. May Not Appeal to Those Who Prefer Stronger Teas
3. ⁢Limited ‌Availability in Some Regions
4. Requires​ Careful ⁢Brewing to Avoid Bitterness


Q: ⁢Is this Alishan ⁢oolong tea organic?

A:‌ Our Alishan oolong tea is not certified organic,⁢ but it is ‌grown using traditional methods in Taiwan’s high-altitude tea gardens.

Q: Can you⁣ describe the​ flavor profile of this tea?

A: Alishan oolong ‍tea has a unique floral and fruity aroma with a touch of frankincense. It​ is ‍refreshing and moist in the mouth, with a mellow ‍and ​sweet taste. It can be⁢ brewed ⁤multiple times and has a long-lasting sweetness.

Q: How should ⁣I brew this tea for ‌the best flavor?

A: To brew Alishan oolong tea, pour about 3-5g of⁢ tea leaves and add 300-500 ml of boiling water. The ratio of tea to water is approximately 1:100. You can brew it multiple times or cold brew it for 6-8 hours in the refrigerator.

Q: Where does⁢ this tea come from?

A: Our Alishan oolong tea comes from the core production area of Taiwan’s high-altitude​ tea gardens. The highest quality tea buds‍ are handpicked and carefully selected to⁢ ensure the best flavor.

Q: What makes this tea stand out from other oolong teas?

A: Alishan oolong tea is known for its unique floral and fruity aroma, long-lasting sweetness, and ⁣refreshing taste.⁢ It is made using traditional techniques⁢ that ‍help maintain the natural taste of ⁢the tea leaves. Additionally, the ⁣tight hemispherical shape of ​the tea leaves allows for a ⁣better brewing experience.

Discover the Power

As we wrap up our journey through the flavors of Taiwan’s high mountains with Alishan Oolong Tea, we hope you’ve enjoyed the aromatic experience as much as‌ we have. The unique blend of floral and fruity notes, paired with a​ hint of​ frankincense, truly sets this tea ⁤apart.

Whether you’re a tea aficionado or just starting your tea exploration, we highly recommend giving Alishan Oolong Tea a try. With its refreshing and sweet taste profile, ‍it’s a delightful treat for any time ‌of⁣ the day.

If you’re ready to elevate your tea game with Alishan Oolong Tea, click here to purchase your own package: Buy now.

Thank ‍you​ for joining us on ‍this‍ tea-tasting adventure.⁢ Until next time, happy ⁤sipping!

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