Fast Prototyping

Developing with Godot gives us a smooth path from idea to its implementation.

No extra fees

Fully owning our technology, OKAM’s clients do not depend on external fees to see their game on any platform.

Working freedom

RPG? FPS? No matter which game we are making, we always count with custom tools on demand.

Best support!

Working with the engine creators on your team means any problem will find its solution faster.


- Play Station 3
- PS Vita
- Play Station 4
- Nintendo 3DS
- Nintendo Wii
- Nvidia Shield
- Oculus
- Ouya


- Android
- iOS
- Windows Phone
- Google Nexus


- Windows
- Linux
- Mac

Web Browser

- Native Client
- Flash
Tell me moar!
Visit GODOT Game Engine official website: and check the documentation, features, community and download sections.
Game engines are awesome tools to work fast and efficiently. Working with our own allow us not only to do that, but also put our worries to rest that we have 24/7 support and on demand customization.
Currently, Godot supports almost all game platforms, with Windows/Phone 8 being currently on the works. But as new platforms appear we try to keep the pace. Is there a platform you want your game in but is not supported? Write us!
Godot is right now only developed to be an inhouse game engine, but we are working towards launching it as open source software. Right now there is not much support material or patience, but if you want to try it out be our guest and shoot us an email.